Monday, 19 May 2014


Hiya peeps...hoping everyone had a lovely time with your loved ones during the weekend!
I've been in silence for awhile...busy...busy...busy!

I'm having lovely time too with my family in Penang.
It has been ages since we've gone together for vacations.
And it's not easy anymore to get everyone  
together like we used to....
It's either different semester break or..... of my son is missing. He's in college & not able to join us.

The home made karipap pusing & tiny fruity choc cup cakes are for the fill up the boys & bapak budak hungry tummies!

We drove along the new second bridge of Penang. It's so much longer than the first bridge.

We had a peek at the Hard Rock Hotel after checking in at our hotel.

The interior decor is very was just like in the museum.

With all my sayang....

The Holiday Inn...where the family day was done.

Preparation for the barbeque.

Due to poor lighting...i just couldn't take the pix where my hubby was singing away *my way*. That's his favourite & only song whenever his staff requested him to sing...ha ha!

Before leaving Penang...we had a joy ride in a small boat around the island. 

Not that i'm against being adventurous...but i'm actually TAKUT!!

We have to put on the safety jacket before starting off.

It's so lovely....

Somewhere at sea...there were built huts for some fishing activities.

It's really a new experience for the boys!

At first it was quite scary...but after awhile i seem to enjoy myself!

Though it was just over the weekend...but the time spent with the children was just so meaningful!