Sunday, 31 March 2013



Syukur Alhamdullilah...
My you're turning 20....

Welcome to the world of manhood!

Not long ago you were a child...mama's little boy n look at you now...a charming young man!

 Wish that you are here to celebrate this wonderful day...  with us...& the whole family.

When you're lovely cake will be waiting for you!

So do your best for your examination and hurry

Mama & Abah...& the rest of the gang LOVES you so much...

We pray the best of everything for you...
and let ALLAH do the rest...

jangan marah ya..lukman!....these are the only pix mama could find....

Missing you.....



Thursday, 28 March 2013


It was such an honour for the state to welcome home the great heroes of Perak from the Operasi Daulat in Lahad Datu.

The tribute was also meant for our lost warriors!

It's intended to show respect and admiration for the bravery of our enforcement officers; police n soldiers.

Our great heroes had sacrificed their lives to protect us n the country from any evil threats!

So it's our duty to support and give them some sincere acknowledgement for their good deeds & sacrifices....

The night starts with doa by Ustaz ....

And followed by the declamation of sajak....

The night was filled with patriotic songs and some captions of what had happened at Lahad Datu.

Very sad indeed!

There was a moment of silence to pay respect for the deceased......

Speech done by Dato Azizan Aziz, Komando 69 Komando PGK and...Dato Pahlawan Mohd Shukri Dahlan,Ketua Polis Perak.

Last but not least speech by the Mentri Besar Perak...Dato Seri Diraja Dr.Zambry Abdul Kadir.

The state government had willing to contribute some generous amount to the victim's fund....

We were later ushered out from the main hall to the grand reception where all the families of the heroes are waiting....

Dinner or supper was served quite late...but it's worth waiting...

The good food & the lovely music....are
incomparable to the sacrifice of our warriors!

Ya Allah... selamatkan lah perwira-perwira ku dimedan pertempuran & lindungi lah bumi ku Malaysia dari dicerobohi &... niat-niat jahat...



Monday, 25 March 2013


Hi!.. ya peeps...i'm sure everyone had a marvellous weekends!

So do i....having good times with my children in KL.
And...visiting my sis iha.

It has been awhile since i've visited her.

What a surprise!...cousin rozza was also there to join me.

with my second son....faiz

So happened it was my lovely niece fifa's birthday....

Knowing my sis...she always has something nice to serve...

it's spaghetti marinara (filling of mussels n prawns) ...n...creamy chocolate cake

it's devilish good!

non stop eating...chatting...laughing over some silly jokes...n...gossiping too...hehehe!

Best things in life: Friends that are like family, and family, which are like friends.


Friday, 22 March 2013


As i could's been quite awhile since i've called friends to the house for breakfast or tea...

Looks like i'm accepting invitations from friends only... and when will be mine...?

Now it's at Feroza's...her beautiful home and her lovely arrays of food!

hmmm....cant resist these....

Nice view....

What do you know!...splashing herself outside in the jacuzzi..

with the host d.feroza n d.raihana

Must do this often....having a *me time* with good buddies.

*Friends knock on your door. Best friends walk into your house and start eating*


Wednesday, 20 March 2013


When only the three of us are left...
i'm not so keen to tire myself in the kitchen...or...other words...i want to diet! 

But whenever the children are back for the weekends or any public holidays...i sure luv to be busyy in my kitchen!

So this time...i've made pulut kuning again n rendang pedas daging.
AND the speciality's mee rebus mamak!

Unlike this mee rebus mamak recipe from a retired teacher (like a god mother) to me Aunty Sharifah
She's so good at cooking...besides gardening n
home decorating.
You'll be surprise to see her...she looks so much younger than her real age.

a very simple pulut kuning n rendang pedas daging.

Mee Rebus Mamak

25 biji bawang merah kecil- diblend hingga

20-25 biji cili kering- diblend hingga hancur.    

Segenggam besar atau 1/3 cawan ikan bilis- direbus dan diblend hingga hancur.

Segenggam besar atau 1/3 cawan kacang parpu- direbus dan diblend hingga hancur.

500-600g ubi keledek manis-direbus dan dilenyek.

1 tin mushroom soup- Campbell

1/2-1 sudu besar serbuk kari daging.

For garnishing.
1/2 cawan kacang mentah-disangrai dan ditumbuk 
1/2 cawan biji bijan-disangrai.
Sedikit cucur udang.
Tauhu goreng
Sedikit cili hijau n merah-dimayang
Beberapa biji limau kasturi
Daun sup n bawang
Bawang goreng

Cara2 membuatnya

Tumiskan bawang dulu sehingga betul2 masak.
Kemudian masukkan cili kering dan serbuk kari. Setelah sebati masukkan pula ikan bilis, parpu yg diblend halus, ubi keledek dan mushroom soup yg dikacau dgn sedikit air.Kacau sehingga sebati.
Tambah air ikut kepekatan yang diperlukan.
Sedikit garam n gula mengikut rasa.

I love having mee rebus mamak with spaghetti...sebab my stomache tak sesuai dgn mee will produce a lot of *angin*.

So have a nice day n happy trying!


Monday, 18 March 2013


A perfect day...for a perfect occasion.
What better way to spend my weekend.... 

Since the children were back for the weekends...
dira had joined me for the 1 Million Women Purple Walk... hoping to loose some kilos that she had created!

it starts with the aerobic exercise.....

the two happy ladies.....

even the guys were there to support the women's campaign.

the students were eager to have pictures with the makcik-makcik....for their magazine!

n....this boy ( about the age of my son ) requested to be in the picture with me n dira.....

All the participants through out all walks of life (students...ngos....even the veterans )
proceeds from the Sekolah Menengah Teknik to Polo ground where the real happening is awaiting...

Waiting eagerly for the live telecast from Putra Jaya...our beloved PM for officiating the 1 million women purple walk.

it's our from putrajaya!.....officiating the event...n...voicing his gratitude n compliments to the women that had succeed in their career n undertakings.

N our perak MB dato seri zambri abdul kadir officiate the event as well ....accompanied by his wife n some of the vips.

freeing the balloons in the air symbolise the opening ceremony of the event.....

besides the perak cultural group performing dance n singing the 1 Malaysian song...other invited artists did their part as well....N...some lucky draws to be won!

Actually the event is in conjunction with Hari Wanita.....


It sure is a healthy way of gathering...for the right purpose!

We had a BLAST time!



Thursday, 14 March 2013


Pheww! last i got back my net tiny winy lenovo. 
Nasib baik boleh direpair lagi...or else hubby dear...could you get me a new PC...ha ha!

It had crashed for more than a week. And during those period...memang rasa frust sangat! Mana tak...macam-macam virus dah masuk!

Actually we have this Mac book but it's too complicated to use... n my i-pad..hmmm...for comments only.

Lately...i've been so occupied with my sewing till it makes me feel like having cock-eye....!

Eversince the children are not around i've not been up to cooking anything...what more when i'm so into this sewing thing...well...maybe just something simple.

But upon hearing my mum in law is coming
over...i've to carry my lazy butt up to prepare something decent to eat!

hmmm...fried squids, assam pedas tenggiri n fried tauge n beans....

And knowing my mum in-law...she just luv having (kudap-kudap)for tea.

So this is what i baked for her...

it's orange poppy seed cake...tapi tak brape garing's my favourite!

i guess... she seem to luv it too!

Alhamdullilah....her fractured arm is healing but still she has to take good's still very vulnerable.

So bye...for now.


Sunday, 3 March 2013


Assalammualaikum n hi!...semua.

I'm sure everyone of you had a marvellous weekend...n so do i!

Spending a GREAT week end with my loved ones in KL but unfortunately when we got back to Ipoh...the feelings of emptiness starts creeping inside me.

My son Rahim had gone back to his college in Melaka this i'm waiting for the next semester break... when any of my son would be back to brighten up the scenario at home.

Anyway.....searching for anything to occupy my time....

Sewing is in my blood....i think we've got it from our mum.

In our sis iha n me love n good at sewing.
But i think she's better of than me *wink*...
cos staying in KL she got the advantages of learning more techniques in sewing.

I sew almost anything...i used to sew maternity clothes when i was pregnant for my second son.

And i did some small gowns for my girl when she was little.

But now i'm more to cushions,curtains and even bedsheets n pillows.

And not forgetting beading as well...(that will have to wait for the episode).

You'll be surprise to see the intricate beads n design...ahaa!

This pillow cross stitch was sewn when i was conceiving my first baby girl Nadira. 

Masa tu...i suker bangat color *yellow*

these pillow cases are about  29 years old n they have already change in colours.

the cross stitch was very tiny but i manage somehow.....maybe i was so much younger  then.

For each n every child i'd made different design n colours but...cant find them...must be hidden somewhere in the closet.

Even when comes to homes decoration...i did the up holstering...tak percaya...take a look at this.....!

The cushion seat...n the rest of the throw cushions except the green cushions are made by me.

this table runner  was also done by me

I thank my faithful sewing machine for bearing with me through thick n thin...

This was my first gift from my hubby after i had quit my job in the banking industry... to be the perfect housewife....

It had served me for 27 years n helped to create wonders...

I have just learnt to sew rubber strings attached to the bed sheet so that it'll be easier to put the sheet over the mattress.


sewing the frills of the pillow cases...

Ta raaa...

it's for my  2nd son's room...he's been using my old antique wedding bed aged 29 years old....still strong n fit!

What a wonderful feelings...!

Got me a set of a bed sheet n two pillow cases.
(if i may...i'll show you later how to cut the material of the bed sheet).

And as for this...... I still have to finish this....patchwork.

Banyak lagi yang tak siap...i dont know if i could finish it soon enough cos i've started it about 2 years ago... hehehe!
It's hand dear!

Oh! eyes!!

AND this will be for the next episode...

Actually i've just got back from KL...capek bangat!

Just as i'm finishing this post...heard about the 5 lives that had been killed...n that had total to 7 more death in Lahad Datu n Sempoerna.

The family concerned must be traumatised by this tragic incident....

Wondering how n why this... had to take place in this very month??

Sedih n kasihan sungguh....innalillah....

Salam Takziah kapada keluarga berkenaan....

Till the next post....bye!!