Tuesday, 26 June 2012



As at the time i'm writing this...i'm kinda feeling unwell eversince i got back from KL due to the weather and...the haze and not to mention...the food that i've been eating ( it's all highly in cholesterol ). I'm going to be sick! My head is like a heavy rock and my throat is killing me....arghh!

Again.....we're there to attend a wedding reception of one of my hubby's relative. It was quite a place...perkampungan pengantin but quite far somewhere off Jln Genting Kelang. The decoration was simple n nice...everything is in white. It could have been more beautiful
if it is maintain nicely since it's in a good demand.

the food was lovely especially the bukhari rice.....

We had dinner at my sis Iha's place...

very lavishly done....home made rolls, beef stew, roasted chicken, spaghetti, salad dressing, fruits salad and fried rice AND dessert of course....marble cheese brownies and bubur kacang durian.

my children are enjoying the aunt's fabulous cooking.....poor sis iha for she had cooked bubur kacang durian knowing that it's my hubby's favourite but he cannot eat durian after the kidney transplant unless of course bubur kacang without the fruit.


the picture of US.....

Before leaving KL, we went for window shopping at one of the shopping complex.
Dira had wanted to treat us lunch at one of the thai restaurant but since my tummy has been making alot of noise so we have to make do with anything...after all the restaurant is  not in the shopping complex n it's quite a distance from there!

I managed to cook some food for my faiz n dira before leaving back to ipoh ( sape tak sayang anak ).
Left them with a heavy heart....

Tuesday, 19 June 2012



What i had for my breakfasting...

My first course.....(a small portion of laksa)

Next after solat.....rice with pineapple pajeri, grill salmon and prawns tomyam.

i luv pajeris... be it with pineapple or brinjal


This was my first day of qada breakfasting food......

tauchu ikan bawal

ayam masak tomato


tumis kacang panjang masak keling...( i forgot to put the curry leaves )

Oh dear! I still have 4 more days to go....

Somehow i think of more food when i'm fasting...
definitely will add on to more kilos...

Monday, 18 June 2012



It's been only a week ago since i've sent my anak bongsu back to his college and now his asking us to take him back for the week end. Gosh! Though i miss him that much it's quite a journey to fetch him and he's been trying to act so macho and tough and yet deep inside him i know he's home sick!

All this while we've missed so many family reunions or get together due to other obligations but fortunately last Saturday we manage to attend the tahlil of my dad's late aunt. The house is just situated right opposite of SUK. It's the jeragan get together!
Most of them are from KL.

Being one of the younger generation ( perasan ingat muda sangat! ) i dont seem to know some of my relative from the older generation. I kept asking my mum who is she...who is he... and who are they ? And the best part was when one of this beautiful lady by the name of eh.. Sharifah.. something...was asking me were you the one that i used to carry when you were very little...
I was blushing cos i'm not that little anymore and gosh! she look so pretty and so much younger than her real age.

Actually it's good to have this get together once awhile cos we got to meet and to know some of our relative.... who knows someday we might meet and by then we would know we're related. Even then i've got to meet some of my long lost cousins as well! In fact there's this gal where i've met during the motivation given by Dr.Fadzillah Kamsah at SUK, she recognised who i am but she's too shy to introduce herself. This is just the thing.....i should have known her for she's my second cousin's daughter.

So i guess in future i'll try to persuade my children to attend any family gathering either from my side or from my hubby side....
Yang jauh didekat2kan dan yang dekat dierat2kan lagi. Rugi la kalau kita tak eratkan silaratul rahim apatah lagi memutuskannye! 

Though i feel very tired and exhausted after the khenduri
especially in this extraordinary hot weather... i still got to cook for my anakanda2 and kekanda for dinner. Furthermore anakanda faiz is also back for the weekend. Again, dira is not back...merajuk kut or she might be occupied with lots of work.....But anyway she'd promise to treat her dad and all of us next week end when we're there...yabadabadoo! 

It's pizza!.......i minced the meat with garlic, onions and with curry powder. As usual i'll top it with tomatoes, mushroom, onion rings, tasty cheese and cilantro leaves.

hmmm....it's delicious! Ada rasa curry lagi........

yg ni pulak i put some beef sausages and top it with tomatoes, onion rings, tasty cheese and sprinkle of mixed herbs.

I cooked something special ( nasi tomato is special to me ) on Sunday...it's  father's day! Thought that my kekanda cant make it for lunch cos he was tied up in Taiping for our TPM was there for a visit but he manage to come back but a bit late...nearly 2 pm. It doesnt matter...we still have to wait for him for he's the reason why we're celebrating!

nasi tomato,kari ikan tenggiri, gulai kicap daging,tumis tauge n kucai, salad dan keropok.

I didnt make any dessert cos i really feel so exhausted (lately i've been feeling weak ).....but i cooked everything extra for faiz to take back some of the food to dira.

Anyway Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and that we luv you for being a great dad!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012



We will never know how important and good certain things are until we no longer having them or when we'll be losing them..... 
anything for that matter!

Our body for example, if we really take good care of it like eating well balance diet and moderately, exercise, taking supplements and most of all having a good heart. Having a good heart means, our relationship with GOD and with other human being. Then there's no reason why we shouldnt be healthy, happy and content with our life. Unless of course if GOD is testing you, when you're befall with any unforseen circumstances.

Just like the other day when i attended a motivational talk by Dr.Dato Hj.Fadzillah Kamsah. The topic was on Wanita Yg Disayangi, Disegani & Dirahmati. He emphasized of having a good heart whereby our heart is like a magnet that attracts any good values like rezeki, kasih sayang, good health, hidayah etc. It also attracts the bad ones like hate, sickness, bencana and daayah. So be positive.....it contribute to a good life. Allah will act on what we are thinking  and wish for! But most of all i gather one will truly appreciate what's given unless and until one is truly thankful.....

sempat jugak bergambar dgn dr dato fadzillah kamsah!

Besides all that he did stressed out how important it is to be a good partner ( a good wife to a good husband ).
Syurga terletak bukan dibawah tapak kaki suami tetapi dibawah keredaan suami. And tidak masuk syurga pada isteri2 yg.tidak mendapat keampunan dan keredaan suami... nauzubillah (pd.suami2 yg baik ,of course )
He advised us to forgive everyone each time before we sleep so that our hearts will be clean from any vengeance......these will lead to rezeki, peace and harmony!
One of his tip * peluk darling2 hubby kita at least 10 sec.each day for he'll lives longer*i think i did that more than 10 sec.each day...he will live longer in another 100 years... i suppose hehehe!

AND my tip pulak ya....if you feel unwell or so...go for a body massage cos it's not only strengthen your muscle and body but it helps to increase our libido as well....huhu!

So cheerio and bbye for now.......

Friday, 8 June 2012

It's goodbye again.....

Nowadays the heatwave is terrible.....entah lah what's wrong with me. Yesterday i nearly fainted kat my tailor's shop. Could it be the weather or something else? I've been feeling kinda funny lagi when i'm in the car. I use to have this hissing sound from my ear or my head ( i'm not very sure ) whenever i dont have enough sleep, rest or enough food.

 So bila i sampai kat kedai tu, i told my tailor that i dont feel well...and she said that i look so pale. Bila dah dengar tu lagi la panic so i rushed out to the kedai makan mamak sebelah and drank a bottle of fresh milk. Lepas tu order a plate of rice which i cant hardly eat. Agaknye angin dah masuk. Nasib baik i came with my son and he's driving. That's why sometimes i'm afraid to drive alone especially now that i'm having this hot flushes syndrome! Alhamdullilah today i feel better though i do have a little bit of angin in my stomache and dek kerana anak bongsu i become the masterchef again in my kitchen.  He's leaving tomorrow......

I'm use to having a big family around me but one by one starts to go away slowly and yet so far away( tak pe masih in M'sia lagi ). Firstly it was my eldest girl, dira and next was my second son faiz. Both are off to a working life. Now it's my youngest son lukman, he's going back to college tomorrow for his third semester after a long break of almost two months.
Lastly it will be the twins i guess and insyallah if GOD willingly by august or september. Finally i'll be left alone with my only darling hubby to keep me company.*sob* .........

Oh well, never mind...... for i should be thankful to ALLAH for making it possible for my children to pursue something in life!
After all i cant keep them under my wings forever. They should be flying off from their nest to start a life of their own like what i did with mine......
Anyway i shouldnt be feeling so sad i'll be seeing them soon.....it could be during the weekends or any public holidays and also the hari raya holidays are coming!

As usual before lukman is leaving, i will make his favourite cookies,
chocolate chips and orange poppy seed for him to take back to college. Since he loves chocolate so much i made him a chocolate cake as well. I even make nasi lemak for tomorrow's breakfast!

chocolate chips cookies

orange poppy seed cookies

food devil cake

Got to sleep now cos we have to go out early to send lukman as early as 6.30 am . We have to be there by 8 am to make an appeal for him to get a room in the college or else he has to stay in a rental room with his friends outside the college compound. I dont think i like that.....  
So bye for now and goodnite!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Just like spring!

If only our part of the world offer spring time.....how wonderful! Then my garden will be beautiful with colourful plants and trees.....
That will never come true......it's impossible for sure!

Honestly i love beautiful flowers and gardens.... and everything nice........

hooray! my lily is flowering.....it's very rare, the last time it blooms was two years ago

Some of my orchids collection......

one thing good about orchids.....the flowers last longer

Monday, 4 June 2012

It's cheesyyy.....


Hi hi hi!.......i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! It's been a busy weekend full with attending weddings especially when it's in the school holidays. Gosh! and the weather....what can i say...we still have to go out in this extremely hot weather!

My son Faiz is back for the weekend without the sister and he's driving. Usually if he comes back alone he'll be taking the train. It was lucky for him when he find out that the two tyres of his car had punctured just before driving back to KL so I have to give my car instead and i'm stuck with his manual driven car which i can no longer drive.....

He's been craving to eat cheese cake since i was in KL the other day and i promise to bake him one when he comes back to Ipoh. Actually he can just buy them from the shop but knowing him.... for being anak mak he just love having me to bake one for him!

it's blueberry cheese cake

AND i have been craving to eat nasi jagung eversince i saw it in my sis Iha's blog.....

instead of just boiling the jagung with the brasmathi rice, i fried some slices of bombay onions and ginger with very little butter. And i fried some kangkong which is his favourite and i make some beef curry to go with the rice. Ooopps! i miss out the picture of the fried fish and the salads.

Nothing taste better than mom's cooking....ahaa!