Wednesday, 13 June 2012



We will never know how important and good certain things are until we no longer having them or when we'll be losing them..... 
anything for that matter!

Our body for example, if we really take good care of it like eating well balance diet and moderately, exercise, taking supplements and most of all having a good heart. Having a good heart means, our relationship with GOD and with other human being. Then there's no reason why we shouldnt be healthy, happy and content with our life. Unless of course if GOD is testing you, when you're befall with any unforseen circumstances.

Just like the other day when i attended a motivational talk by Dr.Dato Hj.Fadzillah Kamsah. The topic was on Wanita Yg Disayangi, Disegani & Dirahmati. He emphasized of having a good heart whereby our heart is like a magnet that attracts any good values like rezeki, kasih sayang, good health, hidayah etc. It also attracts the bad ones like hate, sickness, bencana and daayah. So be contribute to a good life. Allah will act on what we are thinking  and wish for! But most of all i gather one will truly appreciate what's given unless and until one is truly thankful.....

sempat jugak bergambar dgn dr dato fadzillah kamsah!

Besides all that he did stressed out how important it is to be a good partner ( a good wife to a good husband ).
Syurga terletak bukan dibawah tapak kaki suami tetapi dibawah keredaan suami. And tidak masuk syurga pada isteri2 yg.tidak mendapat keampunan dan keredaan suami... nauzubillah (pd.suami2 yg baik ,of course )
He advised us to forgive everyone each time before we sleep so that our hearts will be clean from any vengeance......these will lead to rezeki, peace and harmony!
One of his tip * peluk darling2 hubby kita at least 10 sec.each day for he'll lives longer*i think i did that more than 10 sec.each day...he will live longer in another 100 years... i suppose hehehe!

AND my tip pulak ya....if you feel unwell or so...go for a body massage cos it's not only strengthen your muscle and body but it helps to increase our libido as well....huhu!

So cheerio and bbye for now.......


  1. Salam Yong,
    Increase our libido yg tak menahan tuh. Salam kenei!

  2. aiseymen kak, kita ni dah lama tak peluk teddy bear laling hb kt umah tu, ari2 mesti kelam kabut keluo umah, dia anto anak beso pi school, kita anto si kecik kt nursery, dah pulak ari2 asek lambatttt jekkkk... memalam, kita ngan anak2 dah tertido dia plak gigih layan tenet ngan bola...camno??? benda2 kecik mcm ni sebenonya besoooo impact dia, thanks for sharing!

  3. W'kum slm to you too Moh Kembara n selamat berkenalan i say it helps!

    Yong dear
    Memang lah sibuk being a working mum tapi byk pahala kita dpt weh kalau ambik hati abeng....curi2 la masa sikit. A touch speak more than a thousand words!

  4. Aslkm Sis..
    Lama tak kesini..Not in the mood to blog..batuk dgn phlegm masih lagi.

  5. W'kumslm..
    I thought so u must still be unfit...kalau tak hilang lg plegm try minum air assam jawa tp kalau lama sgt batuk n tak hilang jugak minum lemon campur honey sikit...I've tried that n it works!