Thursday, 27 September 2012



Finally today we have the has been gloomy n drizzling these past days. Even my clothes dont have the nice odour n the sweet smell of the clothes softener ( softlan) wont help much either! I've been playing hide n seek with the minute it rains and the next minute it stop. I have to push my hanger in and out!

When the sun shines...everything seems to shine. It really enlightens my heart.... Buat kerja rumah pun rasa happy sangat! Eversince my maid is with my children in KL...i'm in charge now n i'm promoting myself the new bibik but i dont want to stress myself doing the housework. So i do it at my own pace. After all there's only the two of there's not much work to do. Larat buat... tak larat i just leave it undone! Agaknye if i'm the real bibik...kene potong gaji lah jawabnye ha ha ha!

Even today i'm in the mood to cook a little extra for the two of us!

I was called for helping to plant some trees n flowers n to clean the compound of our new rumah puspanita.
Actually it's an old government quarters n it will be given a new facelift.

we must have this for sure....less more!

Early this morning i had a visitor, a dear friend n neighbour, datin seri husainah. She brought me a gift...two pots of orchids! She knows that i love them. She had several pots...for decoration during her son's wedding. Thank you my's lovely!

Bye bye... for now....cheerio!!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Looks like these past 3 week ends we've been going to KL. Eversince my son rashid is there and rahim in Melaka the house is very empty. What more dira n faiz are in KL, lukman in B.Mertajam n even my maid is also in KL... I've to keep my self occupied or else i'll be very lonely n depress. She's there to cook, clean n help with the house nowadays are so lucky!

Last week-end we were in KL attending a wedding. Before we left,i've prepared some food for the n apple walnut cinnamon muffin. Thanks to muna for the nice recipe.

Just like going for a picnic...packing the food in the basket. Whenever we're leaving to KL i feel so excited...just cant wait to be with them again.I guess it's not only me. They keep calling n asking us what time we're leaving n why are we not leaving yet.
Who knows... bila my hubby dah pencen...jadi orang KL lah pulak!

Strange though but it's a fact... nothing last. We build a nice house in Ipoh...big enough for all the children but when they've grown up, they'll leave us...sayuu n sunyi-sepi bila semua anak2 dah keluar dari rumah...hanya tinggal berdua aje...macam muda-muda dulu.
That's what my hubby said tak payahlah nak renovate or add another room or space...this is already big enough for the two of us!

Even though lately, most week ends we're with the children but still i feel it's not belum diaorang kahwin lagi!! Gosh!i guess this is what our mothers n mothers in law feel...
I am so attach to my children n i love them very much!!
What i dont understand is how n why some mothers could simply abandon their own child n even to the extend of killing them...nauzubillah when we should be giving n showing our love n attention to them.

Coming back from KL is another thing...
INTOLERABLE to find the house empty n quiet.
Maybe we're use to having a handful around.I get so conscious not paranoid i hope to be left alone in the day when my hubby is at work. Moreover my house is situated where not many neighbours are around n the only house there is they are always outstation.

And in the night we keep on checking all the doors n windows to make sure they've all been locked n we get very sensitive when any cars drive in our lane as our house is at the dead end.

Cooking is not a priority anymore just mainly simply to eat.
I guess i have to cope with the new changes cos' life has so many surprises!

Tonight the neighbours in my area are having bacaan yasin after solat isyak to pray for the recovery of one of our neighbour n a very dear friend. It was so sudden when just after a few days of aidil fitri he's diagnose having yellow fever n his liver is not functioning well. And that he might be going for a major operation! Just days ago we were having great time together n also in several jamuan raya. Before this he's so joyful n he's such a fun person to be with...very witty n funny! And they make such loving couple. I hope his wife (one of my close friend) has the courage to be strong n patience in coping with the situation.

Ya Allah! May you grant our prayers for the recovery of our dear friend.....

I hope for you peeps out there do pray together with us! Thank you....

Those who pray for the good things n well being of others shall be look upon n rewarded
with the good things in life....insyallah.

May Allah always be with us....

Thursday, 20 September 2012



Lots of things happened...lambat update...been very busy or shall i say the mood for blogging is kinda fading away...

Ok let see what i've been up to lately...

Somewhere at the end of syawal our Puspanita Perak threw a jamuan raya on the 11th Sept.
The theme of the day...warna-warni aidil fitri.
It was a simple affair...performances done by the kumpulan selendang perak,solo singer by aida n we call upon boutique zafea for a fashion show. And very predictably the food was lavishly spread out... Huh! Looks like i'll be gaining more weight with all this makan-makan!

tiga sekawan...

The very next day was my dad's 84th birthday.
Wish him... all the good things in life...

Nothing much was prepared for him at home for his staff had surprise a makan-makan at his office. That evening mom had only made fried meehoon n some sweet deserts BUT being the faithful daughter i always surprise him with a cake! Jangan jealous tau!....ha ha.Freshly home baked lagi!

It may not be much but we...among us shared to give him a brief case.

Last week-end, hubby n i spent two days in KL...making sure rasyid has everything he needs for entering the college. Looks like we'll be going often to KL since most of my children are there. 

And i'll be sending my maid to assist them...dira will like that very much for she wont be slaving herself anymore to her brothers but unfortunately i'll be without a helper!...i hope this is the only chance for me to be losing some kilos...ahaa!

As usual shopping is a must whenever we're there...AND without hesitation he got me a CAMERA! huhu! Luv uuu...(dah dapat benda baru )
Well...he said it will come handy to me since i am now a confirm BLOGGER n that i need not have to use my phone anymore whenever i want to take some pictures.

And before drawing down the curtain for this year's syawal...we've attended a night of Hari Angkatan Tentera n Hari Malaysia...It's a coctail party!

makan lagi!!

Till then....see ya!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012



The past weeks had been very busy...the celebration of merdeka,more of hari raya open house,the home coming of my sis iha,weddings n
preparation of my son for college.

at my folks home

Two weeks after Raya sis iha n her hubby came home to Ipoh to visit both parents.

The next day sis teh invited all of us for dinner at her place.

During this festive month there have been lots of departments, NGOs n individual giving jamuan hari raya. One of them is my hubby's department...what a big crowd!

my family were also present....

with datin seri diraja sarifah zulkifli 

the group scenario played their role as the mc

I was asked to cooperate with his staff for the preparation of the jamuan raya. Since some of the teachers are my friends i'm glad to promote these cute little children to perform their 'action in singing'. In fact they had won the for the inter school competition in Perak.

the children fr.sekolah sri ampang gave the audience a good show 'action in singing' .
they are so cute n talented.

with the teachers of sekolah sri ampang

Unfortunately i dont have the chance to snap the picture of the teacher, Datin Hanim while reciting 'sajak kemerdekaan'.

Other than that we were entertained with some of the department promising singers...not bad...their voices are fabulous!

It was such great honour when MB Dato seri Diraja Zambri Abd Kadir n wife manage to attend the 'jamuan raya' n singing along with the children '1 Malaysia'. He was even more happier to give away some token to the anak2 yatim n ibu tunggal.

I must say it was a lovely occasion when we were served with delicious food n wonderful performances. Sweet memories to linger on our minds....

The afternoon ends with taking some pictures
with the staff n entertainers.....

with  my son rasyid n wahid n the gang (senario)

At one of the jamuan raya.....

We're not only busy attending 'open house raya' but we're also busy attending weddings.
One of them is my neighbour n a dear friend Datin Seri Husainah. I cant get hold of her picture...she's too busy. Maklum lah ibu pengantin! I feel very bad for not helping her much for i was busy preparing my son for college n accompanying my hubby for some jamuan raya.

During the akad nikah.

with some of my neighbours....gave the newly weds a chocolate oreo cake.

The next day on saturday, the wedding reception at SUK banquet...attended by families, friends n the VVIPs... Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Besar, Raja Dihilir n Raja Puan Muda.

All the guests were obliged to take pictures by the photographer given by the host....

That very same night,after taking our bags n the rest of the children we fled to KL. We have to send my son rahim or (his manja name) che ein to Melaka before noon.He's been accepted to pursue his degree in one of the local university.It had been a hectic week for us...we've to rush here n there.

Anyway i'll be missing him... but not so much i guess for his other twin will be missing him more for they havent been separated before.And as for his other twin he'll be pursuing his degree in KL....I will surely miss them very much!! sedih pulak...Oh no!..i will only have my hubby n maid now...Itu pun lagi 2 tahun her contract will end n then tinggal lah kami berdua menghadapi sisa-sisa hari tua...

It's a good thing that i have this blog...if my children misses me...they'll be following this blog...will they? I hope so...

So my love...take good care,study hard n smart n may Allah be with you...Mama will always pray for you....

Monday, 3 September 2012


Selamat Hari MERDEKA!

It's 55 Tahun Merdeka-Janji DiTepati...slogan of 2012.

The arrival of The Royal Highness of Pemangku Sultan Perak (Raja Muda Perak)and The Royal Highness Raja Puan Besar Perak....

Standing ovation for the solemnization of the 
rukun negara n the national anthem.

Flagging the jalur gemilang...

Our proud jalur gemilang!

Here's some of the contingents in the parade...

Contingent belia cergas.

Jabatan Imigration Malaysia Negeri Perak

Pancaragam SMK Anderson

Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh...1st placing in the marching.

Jabatan Kerja Raya Negeri Perak...2nd placing in the marching.

Hubby department's contingent marched proudly
for a third placing.

Even the OKUs (org.kurang upaya) are not left behind....

The morning ends with the procession of the police n army transportation contingent including the planes n helicopter.

In the evening...the Merdeka tea party and  prize giving of the winners at the parade.

It was also meant for jamuan rakyat.

His proudest moment to receive the award on behalf of his department....

We were served with delicious jamuan raya n entertained by one of the promising artist Elyana...

It was a proud moment when the patriotic song of merdeka is being sung while everyone's flagging the jalur gemilang!

Gosh! I love my country and i'm proud to be a malaysian....