Tuesday, 26 November 2013


I like the rain;it brings fragrance
everywhere & the smells of nature

Rain clouds come floating in
not to muddy my days ahead
but to make me calm
happy & hopeful

The chilly wind makes my orchids budding & flowering brightly......

Everytime it rains the
soil counts every drop
to know exactly how many 
times to thank God...

....and my hydrangeas blooming beautifully!

Everybody wants happiness
nobody wants pain but
you cant have a rainbow 
without a little rain....

After all...the sun after the rain is  
much beautiful then the sun before 
the rain!



Sunday, 24 November 2013


Lately i've been busy following my hubby to & fro...Ipoh to KL.

It's kinda nice though i can be with my children over there.

Recently,we've been invited to this Islamic Fashion Festival @ The Marriot Hotel KL.

The shows have been going on for few days but the first day opening was organised by the Girl Guides Association Perak.

It was a beautiful occasion where all the models wore beautiful clothes & yet they were all in hijab.

Beautiful decorations in lovely
& relaxed ambience.......

Opening speech by the
President of the girl guides assoc.Perak
Yg Amat Mulia Raja Mahani Raja Shahar Shah.

Now let the shows begin.....

Lovely models in beautiful clothes....

.....& many more stunning outfits!

The evening extend to more performance of some local artiste....

With special appearance...
the one time famous entertainer
that had caused tsunami in the 
singing industry, Mawi.

.....the duet between Mawi & Dato AC Mizal. 

Picture taken with those
involved...in the presence
of the Royal Highness Raja Puan 
Besar Tengku Zara Salim.

There's been some sales at the
basement....beautiful jubahs & tudungs
from some of the designers in the fashion shows.

Before departing......



Wednesday, 6 November 2013


I'm sure by now everyone had finish cooking &... eating the daging korban....

I guess except me!....
Whenever i get hold of it...i will surely turn it into sambal daging.

Sedapp!...tapi rumit...especially the part where you have to tear the whole lot into fine strips.

As we all know...the left over meat of daging korban should not be thrown elsewhere.
It must be buried!

That is why i love turning it into sambal cos it's so tasty that there wont be any left over...not even a tiny bit!

Just for sharing!

Boil about 1 kilo of meat till almost soft.
Cool it off before you tear it into fine strips.
Meanwhile, sliced finely about 10 small onions
& an inch of ginger & pound or blend about 12 dried chillies.
For a kilo of meat...used 3 coconuts.
Put the coconut milk, meat, the onions, ginger & chillies in the kuali.
If you like put a tablespoon of biji ketumbar 
to the mixture.

Sprinkle a bit of sugar & black pepper & salt to taste.

Stop stirring & off the fire when the meat gets dry, light & almost brown.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

And tadaaa.....

hmmm....it's my dinner

You may serve the sambal daging with either rice or bread...either way it's delicious!!



Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Let's hijrah towards wellness



Sunday, 3 November 2013


I'm a bit of a timid person when comes to travelling on air or at sea....

But it leave me no choice as i was asked to join a trip organised by Puspanita Perak.

What more in this kind of weather...when it's been raining most of the time!

Just days before we left i've been praying so hard for a brighter weather...&...with GOD's will...cerah pun!

So last week-end...we've made our way to Kuala Perlis by bus...(just like rombongan Che Kiah).

It has been awhile since i've gone anywhere far with friends.

thank god!.....we were driven by a decent guy...tak laju punn

I'm not really a sport,am i?...penakut actually!

It was a nice journey with everyone chatting... & chatting & the scenery was magnificent...lots of padi field...lovely to the eyes!

In fact...i love driving up north...full of greens that do not bore me at all.

After about 4 hrs in the bus....we finally reached K.Perlis @ 12.30pm & without waiting any further we managed to get a 1 o'clock ferry to Langkawi.

even though it's not during the school holidays...it was fulled with people at the jetty.

Surprisingly!....tak rasa gayat pun...or maybe becos we were in a bigger ferry.

now  i'm feeling excited.....

After having our lunch & check in at the Bayview Hotel...without further ado...apa lagi,shopping lah!

It was really convenient for us when the shopping place is just a walk away from the hotel.

Dinner was served deliciously at the hotel restaurant,Phoenix.
We had the steam boat...it was steaming with all kind of sea food...fried rice & lovely desserts.

The next day....after breakfast we proceed on to the real thing...
The real reason why we're in Langkawi...
seminar on Transformasi Dasar2 Kerajaan or Government Transformation Programme(GTP)& Economic Transformation Programme(ETP). 

It was very informative & given by one of the penceramah from Intan.

This kind of talk should be well spread out especially to ALL the government servants!

Unfortunately we hadn't much time for sight seeing around the island.

That very night...we had a barbeque at one of the restaurant of Villa Vista.

one of the best part of seminar...makan...makan & makan

Apart from mingling with pengerusi from different daerah & some of the other commitee members...we were given sijil penyertaan from the Pengerusi Puspanita, D.Nor Hasmah.

We had a marvellous time...delicious food & we were even entertained by some of us!

We really enjoyed ourselves that night before leaving off the next day...

Ahh!....knowing the ladies.....we can get very creative when we're all teamed up!

Before leaving...we managed for some last minute shopping lol!

No doubt at the beginning i was reluctant to join the trip but end up having FUN...gained knowledge from the seminar...extra bags to carry & some blisters on my toes from walking too much...hehehe!

I'm hoping & looking forward for another trip like this....who knows!!



Friday, 1 November 2013


Apart from being too busy to update my blog...i'm hook on this new interest... the instagram!

Besides celebrating my anniversary & birthday in the month of October...there were others sharing some memorable moments..... 

The upacara of merisik or meminang(proposal) of my niece Iva Munira.

the discussion of the couple's future...fixing the date & what not....

the exchanging of gifts between the two families

the chior...the sitting place of the bride during the engagement or *akad nikah*.
all of us,sisters were using it during our akad nikah (very memorable)!

the bride to be...

my niece & her family in laws to be....

....with the bride to be & her mother (my sis in-law, Jehan).

after the promises have been made.....jom makan!!

The wedding will be sometime next year....

Nevertheless...another of a memorable wedding of a good friend son...Kamal Al Amini & Dr.Faradilla.

The Akad Nikah....

tears of joy....

The bersanding took place @ RPGC with the appearance of Duli Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Perak & Raja Puan Besar Perak...& some other respectable guests.

the father of the bride groom was generous enough to provide us the lovely turqoise costume for the commitee members...thank you!

Unfortunately i was unable to capture some pictures of the wedding celebration at the bride's home...cos i was away attending my niece's engagement.

The next day...another persandingan at the bride groom's house.

it's lovely.....

desserts corner....

bagai pinang dibelah dua

Even though the mother of the bride groom had a slight injury at her feet...the wedding celebration was a success!
Everything was lovely indeed....

Happy recovery my dear friend!

Oh! fresh October....bring fond memories of yesterday.....