Wednesday, 26 December 2012



Whenever the week-ends fall during the school holidays...there'll be lots of wedding to attend.

That's what the children grumbled! They were not pleased with us for attending the weddings...cant help it we were so busy day n night.

But i still manage to be
the queen bee...beezzzys
in the kitchen.

the salmon is a little brown

tried the recipe of nasi ulam by chef ismail....sedapp!...daun kesum make it taste better!


on special request....tempoyak kacau...dira loves it SO MUCH!

AND even

laksa nyonya

To make it up with them...
took them to RPGC for dinner. 
Too bad Che een is not back (preparing for his exam ) n
lukman hates to be in the picture!

ON Christmas day.....

Took the children n my maid
to Kebun River Cottage.

A great get-away....

Rasyid's New year looks!

he sure knows how to enjoy himself

Lovely sights....

The lovely rooms....

With sis intan's daughters...jasmin, apple n

apple n dira

It's time to say goodbye!


Saturday, 22 December 2012



Hello again!

While waiting for them......

Well, it's never too late for anything.....
It's easy to say than done... but it's no harm trying.

Bila dah masuk angka 50 (but still young at heart )...kene lah berjaga-jaga pemakanan...or else penyakit 3 serangkai will slowly but surely stuck on you!

Nak tau penyakit apa?...
Darah tinggi...kencing manis...sakit jantung!
Hmmm...let me see...i think i'm free from all far!

My so-called healthy breakfast....

i love taking it with doubt they're sweet but i cant help it!


toasted bread with orange marmalade...hmmm lovely!

And i love tea for breakfast....
apple tea is my favourite n...any kind of earl grey tea...

And i will never miss taking this...

Food supplement...monavie contains acai berry that are rich in antioxidants that might reduce the risk of some diseases like heart disease n cancer.

Once in awhile i do take nasi lemak but i'll feel guilty after that...takut gemuk!

Berjaga-jaga pun sakit jugak kan...just dont overdo it....

After all that's only for breakfast...n what   about lunch...dinner n ....??

It must also followed with exercise...leading a less stressful life n above all be HAPPY!

So bye for now....

Ohh! just cant wait for my angels to arrive home for this long week-ends....

So Merry Christmas to those celebrating it n a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Since they've been gone.....
the house is not the same anymore....
it's quiet...empty...n....

Missing them very much...their faces, their voices, their laughter....

And now i have only you.
Well... hubby you're my best friend, companion, lover.....he always will.

Something to enlighten me... got me a new found love!....some pets.

A dog?....definitely not!!
A cat?....eee geli lah...i cant stand the furry thing.'s something flimsy n fishy....

it's fish....carp fish

Soon my begonias will blooms
beautifully....some of the fish water sprinkle
onto them.

cute eh!

look!....some are hiding under the pot.

Not long ago i was busy cooking n baking for the children n now....busy feeding the fishes...3 times a!

And not to mention cleaning the ornamental fish fountain regularly....

The water is so soothing n calming n a nice feelings just to see the fish swimming....

The irony is now my house smells like FISH!


It's not so bad after all kan....

Life will be so much fun n exciting...if we just know how to fill it with...LOVE n happy thoughts!


Saturday, 15 December 2012



Okay...i must be nuts if i were to simply hold a gun at someone n uttering those words... hands up or i'll shoot...hahaha!

From the first place i dont even own a gun. Tapikan it was really an experience to be invited for taking part in the Pertandingan Menembak 5 Penjuru bersama DYTM Raja Puan Besar Tengku Zara Salim.

Amboii! 3 hari berturut-turut practise menembak...sampai muka dah jadi so bronze...

Maklumlah bukan senang nak memegang pistol apatah lagi to pull the trigger.

But surprisingly i never knew that i could shoot! Heeehaw... not baddd..i was told by the instructor for a beginner my points are!

On the very day of the competition.....

d.y.t.m.tuanku zara salim officiating the competition by shooting down a target...she's quite a shooter!

Five groups were taking part...Perkep (the organiser), Bakat, Baiduri, Puspanita n of course the group from Istana.

hmmm....perut mesti diisi jugak

one consolation after all the hard work....hehehe!

The group winner is from istana n the best shooter is none other than D.Y.T.M.Tuanku Zara Salim.

And as for Puspanita...we dont win any prizes but...LUCKY ME n my dear friend D.Feroza, we won prizes of lucky draw. Bravo!!...(clap 3x).

Our Puspanita team is very sporting n we're willing to take part in any competition.

We are just like jack of all trades master of *some*...hahaha!

Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello there!

It's not easy to find a place where we can relax...laze around n at the same time have fun in the environment where there's no power supplies but only nature awaits us..... it is at my sis intan's retreat. She named it Kebun River Cottage. It's situated somewhere at the foot hill of Cameron Highland.

She has been operating the small business for about 5 years ago. Initially she invited family n close friends only but lately she allow guests that are introduce by family n friends. The charges are quite reasonable....

But still it's consider to be a private place.

aren't the cushions look's my hand work...a gift to my sis.

Most of the items are recycle...even the woods that used to build the houses.

refreshing  the balcony overlooking the river

Some of the small huts...

AND some of the rooms...

Besides accomodation,the Kebun River Cottage  provide meals as well...

Lunch was served with local delicasies...rice, gulai lemak nangka, pecal, ulam-ulaman, sambal belacan, another species of cockles...lala, fried chicken, pekasam n fried cencaru with stuffed chillies.

1 2 3....go!

with my cousin che ee n her friends.

hmmm....what can i say....lots n lots of fruits at the kebun.

AND these are for tea...bubur durian n a very traditional desert made by my mum ...radin's so moist n delicious!

The main attraction at the kebun.

the water is so cooling......calm n soothing.

besides ducks they even rear goats....but nowhere to be seen...they must have wandered around.

AND the chickens... must have wandered elsewhere too....

At the reception...

with my sis intan n engku chik

at the reception desk...tengku atan writing down his name on the welcome registration book n giving sincere comments....

For those who loves the quiet n back to nature
surrounding...THIS is just the place! Being at the Kebun River Cottage is a get away from the hustle bustle of city life n...the noise of radios, tvs, wifi n what-not...

So see ya there!