Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hello there!

It's not easy to find a place where we can relax...laze around n at the same time have fun in the environment where there's no power supplies but only nature awaits us..... it is at my sis intan's retreat. She named it Kebun River Cottage. It's situated somewhere at the foot hill of Cameron Highland.

She has been operating the small business for about 5 years ago. Initially she invited family n close friends only but lately she allow guests that are introduce by family n friends. The charges are quite reasonable....

But still it's consider to be a private place.

aren't the cushions look's my hand work...a gift to my sis.

Most of the items are recycle...even the woods that used to build the houses.

refreshing  the balcony overlooking the river

Some of the small huts...

AND some of the rooms...

Besides accomodation,the Kebun River Cottage  provide meals as well...

Lunch was served with local delicasies...rice, gulai lemak nangka, pecal, ulam-ulaman, sambal belacan, another species of cockles...lala, fried chicken, pekasam n fried cencaru with stuffed chillies.

1 2 3....go!

with my cousin che ee n her friends.

hmmm....what can i say....lots n lots of fruits at the kebun.

AND these are for tea...bubur durian n a very traditional desert made by my mum ...radin's so moist n delicious!

The main attraction at the kebun.

the water is so cooling......calm n soothing.

besides ducks they even rear goats....but nowhere to be seen...they must have wandered around.

AND the chickens... must have wandered elsewhere too....

At the reception...

with my sis intan n engku chik

at the reception desk...tengku atan writing down his name on the welcome registration book n giving sincere comments....

For those who loves the quiet n back to nature
surrounding...THIS is just the place! Being at the Kebun River Cottage is a get away from the hustle bustle of city life n...the noise of radios, tvs, wifi n what-not...

So see ya there!


  1. Assalam kal leeza...

    akakkkkkk...kebun river cottage...i loikeeee, cam best sesangat lah...tang mana kt kemen helan ni? dia open tak kt org luar cam saya? boley tak bagi contact no? person? rasa2 cam nak gilah hujung bulan ni, nak balik Perak ni cadangnya nih...tq very muachhh.

  2. Wkumslm Yong
    Kira2 the place mcm suasana kat kpg tapi very refreshing this time of the year. I'll give u her no.n u talk to her for further info.
    Kak Intan...0122937422

  3. Hi Sis..
    Wow..a new face lift for the kebun ya..since my hb sakit dah bertahun tak pegi.
    Tenang dan damai.. bila la nak ke sana pun tak tau.

  4. Hi Sis...
    Memang byk changes dh kat kebun tu...they even have lights now thru solar.
    Sekali-sekala pergi ke kebun tu memang seronok...back to nature.

  5. suke suke..... when r we going again