Sunday, 9 December 2012



First of all...sorry to say that there's a little bit of changes in my blog identification picture. lah!
Lately ni banyak betul pulak songehnye. It seems my picasa dah out of i have to do another email. Well, i must thank my son for amending n making it possible for me to carry on....

It's everymum's wish for the good things in 
life for the children. Nevertheless no matter 
how small their achivements are we should 
appreciate n support their good work!!

One of my proudest moment....the convocation 
of one of my twins. Hoping he'll do better for his degree...insyallah.

Congratulations my love...


Two weeks earlier i had accompanied my hubby to Sarawak for the Ceo's water conference. Cant see much of Sarawak cos we stayed only for two nights.

Love to see the decor of the Pullman Hotel. The concept is simple yet it feels calm n peaceful. The water feature is interesting...

At the Satok Market.

the salted ikan terubuk

with my hubby's chemist...fadzillah

Being a so called golfer (my hubby of course)...a quick drive through the golf course is a must. Cant get a close up picture cos we were driven by a racer...hehehe (he's not a good tourist guide).

The last stop... kek lapis shop Dayang Salhah. We were told that it provides the best  
cakes n... hmmm...they really up to date the names of the cakes such as ombak rindu,pandela n... very catchy eh!

Bought some of the cakes n telor ikan terubuk for my family n in laws. 
The cake prunes are lovely...

Not to mention we had a marvellous time dining at the famous seafood outlets...The top spot...lovely spread of seafood. 

Unfortunately our trip to Sarawak is not complete when we dont have the time to take the sampan for a river ride. 
Well...maybe the next trip...

Recently, i had breakfast at my dear friend's house,D.Feroza. It's the last event of the year 2012 organised by ASH (ahli seumur hidup)

with the host d.feroza

A good way to meet old friends... n we were shown with some new recipes...assam pedas melaka n pudding sago tembikai susu.


  1. Hi..
    Firstly, congrats to Cik In and thank you for telur Ikan and Prune lapis cake..sedap!
    Lawa skirt...macam nak bertango aje dgn yr Hb tu..

  2. Sis Dear
    Cik In kata t.q...Tulah i'm all ready for a tango but unfortunately my hubby ni is not much of a dancer! hehehe...