Thursday, 22 November 2012


It was such an honour to meet a celebrity in's none other than Chef Ismail.
Surprisingly he's cute, fair n chubby... He had given a cooking lesson organised by  Jabatan Perhutanan.

Before he begins...he gave us some kitchen tips n motivation in cooking...

First of all he stressed out each time we enter our kitchen we must say to ourself we are a professional chef so that whatever we touch in the kitchen will be professionally good!

He also emphasied "the hand that cooks good food can rule the children n hubby as well".
It could be no more of bibik's cooking n lauk kedai eh!

And most of the anti-aging food are from our garden n not from the bottles from our kitchen shelves...

It is also not advisible to eat organs of animal like intestine,liver etc.
Too much of protein is also not good.

And try to consume less additives such as colouring n msg.
No wonder i'm not so keen on red velvet n such...

Educate our children to eat varieties of vegetables n fruits.

today's menu....nasi ulam n ikan bakar

the pengarah himself assisting the chef

thumbs up for the magnificent chef!

got it for rm39.90 for could be handy for dira.

Remember you are what you EAT!


  1. Hi Leeza
    Belum nyempat kita nak komen entry semalam, entry baru dah menjelma.

    Pengantin baru kelihatan cantik young and vibrant but nothing beats pengantin lama, auwwww...

    Chef Ismail was sharing tips on cooking pada chef2 yang tersedia handal (u r one of them). Do you all really need him? Tapi as what you said mmg seronok jumpa selebriti. Naik sikit semangat..

  2. Salam Kak Leeza,
    I saw that he uploaded some photos from the event on his facebook, didn't realised that you might be there too... small world, kan.
    Chef Mail is a good friend of ours. We met while we were posted in the Hague many years back. He's such fun to hang around with. Glad to know you got to meet him.

  3. Hi CS
    Auwwww...malulah...but thanks anyway! Well...a pro pun kenalah attend talks n seminars to sharpen the skills chewah! Lagi pun i memang suka attend any kind of talks n demonstration...blh jumpa kawan2 n gain knowledge.

    Wkumslm Muna
    Oh sure is a small world! Well i dont really know him personally but
    he's really funny n witty tho he can be serious too. And that loghat sweet. My hubby ni pun org minang but till now i masih tak faham certain words n sentence.

  4. Hi Sister..
    Chef tu ada restoran nama nya Rebung..I had been there and makan dinner..celebration for Azlan's Aunty's birthday. He as a person quite bubly kann.
    Good food memang comes from our kitchen..but sometime, keadaan memaksa, kedai mari jugak kena makan.

    1. Hi to u
      Ya how nice...terigin pulak nk makan kat kedai tu! Very true...once awhile kene close kitchen....mem pun nk rehat!

  5. yuhuuu salam kak Leeza,

    bertuah bebenolah akak dpt jumpa chef... nasi ulam lagik nyum nyummm very healthy food kan, tang bg vege n fruits to kids tu saya mmg surrender, my kids anti sayur huhuhu, only Ammar lately tetiba berjinak pulak dgn sayur, sbb i said sayangggg ammar, good boy ammar, pandaiii ammar... hermmm nak kena puji duluan dong! tinggal hok kecik tu je bersembur2an ke udara klu bg vege, dah tak koserrr nak blend rasanya huhu...

  6. W'kum slm Yong
    Sorry lambat jawab...sibuk sgt lately. Memang dulu anak2 kak liza susah makan sayur...any kind of sayur. Tapi bila kak liza buat macam coleslaw... baru diaorg makan. They love the mayonnaise n thousand island. Lepas tu kak liza introduce one by one diferent kind of sayur n diaorg makan semuanye. CUba u buat mcm tu....