Monday, 30 April 2012

She's coming home...........

Assalammualaikum....may u hv a wonderful day!

That Thursday my sis iha came home........
It's been a while for her to come back to Ipoh, our home town where we were born n bred. The last time when she's here was just a week after Hari Raya. Well, i dont blame her for she is so tied up with her own family affairs n that her dear hubby's condition requires more of her time n attention.
Nevertheless, i believe we should always keep in touch with our parents n family whenever we are free fr.our busy schedule. This will somehow give a good example to our children for family ties are very important n that they will not neglect us when we're older. And if there's any misunderstanding or a little disagreement, it should be brush aside for the bond within family will never break! And no matter what blood is thicker than water.

on the day of her arrival, i was there at my mum's hse.........she had prepared so much dishes n dessert for her daughter's home coming......

On the second day of her stay, i'd invited them for dinner at my excited to receive my sis n her family made me prepared so much food......
I cooked not only rice n the lauk pauk like masak lemak ikan senangin, stew ayam, sayur campur, roasted chicken n fried ikan tenggiri but i manage somehow to bake pizza n mee mamak as well.... and the sweet dessert to die for!
 Phew!...i guess i luv receiving guest at the house!...i'll be very happy if i make someone happy...

the two biras were busily having they havent met for ages! glad to see my bro.inlaw 's improvement...may he recover completely.

my dear hubby, law,sis iha n my lovely niece fifa

my son faiz had jus arrived then.........

My sis n her family stayed in ipoh for two nights....they left ipoh on saturday n look at what she left me.....

for my belated birthday....the one that took her so long to finish painting!

the caramelised apple cake.

the chocolate sundaes n caramel pudding.....mmmm....taste like heaven! (angkat bakul sendiri)hehehe..

The very next day my gal, dira came home with some of her friends.....another busy day lah!
What else masak, masak n masak!......suka sangat tetamu datang... tak pe lah shekali shekala........

dira n her two friends.....i added curry long beans with shrimps, kerabu tauge, fried ikan masin with onions n chilies. And as for dessert i make chocolate oreo cheese cake n mee rebus lagi.....kelas gitu!

the oreo chocolate cheese cake.......

Well enough of masak memasak, now it's time for me to take a break..... 

Last night i've (without my hubby ) attended a gala night for the anugerah wanita mutiara perak . It was organised by the pengerusi jawatankuasa pelancongan,kebajikan n hal ehwal wanita, YB Dato Hamidah Osman.It was to acknowledge the excellent work of the women of perak such as Mitchell Yeoh, the famous actress, Dato Robayah the heart surgeon n many more......
It was held at the new Hotel of Riverfront.
The guest of honour was our lady Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor wife of our Prime Minister. It was a night to remember for those women. I must admit they really deserve the awards for they have worked hard n sacrifice their time n effort to be specialised in whatever line they ventured in order to make a name for themselves n to provide good service to us. Whatever it is we are sure proud of them!

Im not trying to be selfish or ignorant by showing my *happy days* when the other side of the world is in a blunder n chaos. Being a concern mother, wife n citizen,i just dont understand why some parents or mother will allow their young ones to be involve in that so called situation. Arent they afraid that their son or daughter might be injured or trap during the chaos. My heart sympatise for the young ones that are being used by irresponsible individual to achieve whatever they r aiming.....
We should be teaching our children some good values of life.....instead they have become disrespect,
irresponsible n brutal.
Is this what our new generation will be like?
Do we want to see killings n unnecessay bloodshed. What has happened to us???
Do not take any chances on our childrens' lives.....n i hope we should consider this peribahasa *mendengar guruh dilangit air ditempayan dicurahkan*.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy twins


On this very day, 22 years ago about noon i was induced for labour at Ipoh Specialist Centre...Two baby boys are born...they 're bundles of twins!

My gynae told me that normally there will be early delivery for twins cos of the heavy burden but in my case i was overdue for a week....tough babies! Fortunately it was the easiest among all of my children...i dont have much pain. God is fair cos the nine months carrying them was tough enough for i cant do almost anything when it reaches to seven months. Thank God the twins are having the right number of hands n legs n that they're not attach to one another like the siamese twins...hehehe! The only thing is that they are non identical.

 No doubt it's not easy to take care of a baby what more twins but i manage somehow even tho they have another two siblings ( sister n  brother ) n in addition without a full time maid. At that time i was having only a daily cleaner. Even tho i'm the youngest in the family i am rewarded with extra of everything n i succeeded my sisters n brothers for having more children, more house chores n ......but never mind....the hardship toughen me n i'm glad that these two bare hands does everything for my family. I was like a superwoman then....
It was quite a handful at the time moreover when the twins were about three i had another baby boy.
That's the last....definitely!!

Throughout their growing years i've come across some funny n anxious situation. There was this incident where rasyid got lost in the supermarket...i think it was parkson ria . At that time my hubby n i was busy searching for some sale items n we didnt realised that rasyid had wandered elsewhere...terrible kan kite org!
I was in a frantic searching for him n finally found him squatting at the toys department. Thank God !
You know i sampai berniat bernazar!
And for his other twin pulak, rahim , he broke his arm while jumping from the bed n his arm got plastered for about a month!
Kerana perasaan takut ni lah buat i jadi so over protective towards them......

rahim n rasyid.....when they'r about 1 1/2 years old.

they luv n adore each other.....when they'r about 3 yrs.old.

the darling dad with the darling was taken while we were holidaying in penang.

Being non identical twins they are totally different in looks n in character. Rasyid is the abang n he's the extrovert. He is different from the rest...he's talkative, fun n always ask for attention!
As for rahim , he's introvert, quiet, shy n serious but rather childish at times. They do argue n even fight when they were younger but they love n adore each other very much! And i love them equally!!

rahim is the great fan of k-pop!

some say rasyid macam syahrukhan

Sehari suntuk didapur memasak anak teruna....
Look what i've made for them on their birthday.......
Asked them to invite their friends for makan2 but they said that tak macho lah birthday2 ni.

devil food cake where i cut the cake into two n sandwich it with sliced bananas n coated it with chocolate n whipped cream....puff pastry meat pies.....n of course the mee curry.

So my dear sons...HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!
Moga dipanjangkan umur, disehatkan badan, dimurahkan rezeki, dikuatkan iman n ditambahkan imu pengetahuan yg berguna n may your life is full with love!

And above all remember that abah n mama LOVE both of u EQUALLY very much!!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Just an ordinary Sunday.....

Assalammualaikum.....everyone n may u hv a marvellous weekends......

Well this Sunday nothing much is happening except that lepak2 je , masak n of course intai2 sini sana. I was told by my sis.that it's so hard to get in my blog. Hairan jugak! Without realising i must have pressed something to block it! So here comes my son to the rescue to mend everything back to normal.I never knew that only certain people je boleh masuk until i myself press the view my profile n it request me to sign in first. Lucky his around to help his mama or else this blog wont be possible if not for him.
 I'm not so sure if i like it to be shown to everybody cos sometime when you are so immerse in writing you tend to elaborate more about you n your life.Furthermore after hearing what my sis had gone thru....scary lah! Just hope that people out there are more civilise in commenting ya.....
be it in the blog or directly to your face! Let's treat this blogging a fun thing rather than something hatred. Whatever it is let's make friends than make war!

So this very early morning, after solat subuh my hubby left for golf, i pun straight back to bed lah to qada' my precious sleep. Had been sleeping very late lately....Bila dah bangun ayyo ma got the shocked to see the time! Terus mandi straight to the kitchen n see what i can cook for today... lucky me for having a precious maid around to assist me in the kitchen. If it wasnt for the children i wouldnt want to cook for lunch....especially since my hubby pun lunch at the golf club. Boleh jugak i diet kan......
Anyway i try to make the simplest of all........

       nasi tomato, dalca ayam, ayam bakar marinate with rosemary, honey n black pepper, papadom, 
                                               sambal belacan n salad.

special request fr. my son asyid for this poppyseed muffin is his youngest son pun is back, kesian.....hv to make something for tea.

The recipe of


125g soft butter
2 teaspoons grated lemon rind
2 teaspoons grated lime rind
2 teaspoons grated orange rind
2/3 cup ( 150 g ) caster sugar
2 eggs
2 cups self-raising flour
1/2 cup milk
2 tlbsp poppyseeds

1. Grease 12 hole muffin pan.
2. Place butter, rinds, sugar, eggs, sifted flour n milk in medium bowl, beat with electric mixer until 
    just combined, then beat on medium speed until mixture is just changed in color, stir in poppyseeds.
3. Spoon mixture into prepared pan. Bake in moderately hot oven abt.20 minutes.


And as for my flowers here are something to show my's nothing much actually.

the hydrangea that i planted in the ground beside my pavement are bearing sweet kan!

the fertiliser that my sis teh gave me really do wonders........

that orcid that my mum gave me are forever flowering even tho i put them outside under the frangypani tree.

It may not be that beautiful to others but what i've got aint bad either...........hehehe!


Saturday, 21 April 2012


I was in the car the other day n the radio was on n the dj of the radio was saying about how  people take so much trouble to look beautiful n attractive. I seem to agree with her for nowadays even me, spend so much on branded cosmetic, handbags, shoes n going to the spa for facial just to look attractive....And even the guys are spending more time in front of the mirror than us ladies...all this is to look more appealing...right!

But somehow we forget that the most charming of all besides the fake cosmetic, hair style, the expensive accesories lies the plain to see the very smile of us......n no matter how much we try to look nice but without the sweetest smile on our face we are nothing. It's not only enlighten our face but whatever sadness n weakness in ourself can be lessen just by showing that sincere smile from our very heart.

Similarly we will earn appreciation n respect as well..... It wont cost much.... it's not only beautify us but instead those who is so rich with smile look so much younger in years n by giving away a lovely smile to someone could at least help him make his day after a trouble day. Smile to everyone no matter young or old, rich or poor n you'll never know someday he/she can be your best of friend....
But dont give that cheeky smile lar! UNLESS you're still single.....OR'll be in TROUBLE!
So lets do it now them our brightest smile n may the whole world smile with us!!

Something to cool me off from the heat that i've been feeling lately.......

Boiled the konyuuku jelly n put two tiny drops of red colouring. Meanwhile i put bits of lycees n mangoes in the mould.....pour the jelly onto the fruits after it has been cooked.Cool it off before u put them in the refrigerator.

it's as easy as abc.... it's very refreshing during a hot n humid day.......

Give them all ya cheek to cheek smile........
you'll make somebody happy n you'll be happy too!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kun FayaKuun


Gosh! as at the time i'm writing this i'm feeling kinda flushes all over me...the ulcer in my mouth irritates me n the dry eyes caused by too much beading n blogging affect my vision. It must also be the weather i's terribly hot everywhere! No doubt it rains sometime but u can still feel the heat wave....i'm sorry to say that i cant tolerate extreme weather be it too much shine or too much rain....sshhhh! tak baik merungut .....nanti Allah akan menambahkan lagi azab......nauzubillah!

Well.....finally we r done with the annual general meeting of our persatuan! The meeting was yesterday afternoon. It had been postponed twice due to unexpected circumstances....This very year,  ada pencalonan ahli jawatan kuasa to form a new line of commitee for the year's done every twice a year. The best part of it is some of the candidates hv gone all out campaigning to be elected once again... ngalah berkempen mcm parti politik lg......bagus! tp jangan lah cara kawan tikam kawan. Tak salah nak bersaing
 tp biarlah bersaing cara sihat!

This senario is nothing strange....i guess it goes the same way with other societies out there as well! So congratulations to all the winners n may u people do ur job accordingly n sincerely... n to those yg tersingkir... i'm sorry ( trademark Amir raja lawak ) try ur luck again in the next two years! Well i hope there shouldnt be any tears to shed cos in any perjuangan ada yg kalah n ada yg menang. What is fated is fated walaupun berkempen berkobar2.... siap bagi slip yg telah disusun nama2 calon yg patut dipangkah kpd pengundi2. You r not only judge for ur good work but ur relationship with others in a team as well.
Same goes with our postion as the pengerusi automatik berdasarkan atas jawatan our husbands n not by election but without the approval of the pengerusi ( the number one ) nothing is possible.

waiting for the AGM to start....

waiting for the pengerusi to arrive....

waiting n still waiting......

I always feel if we expect too much in life....the harder the chances of getting. Things dont just come rolling by i train myself not to expect too much lar n be prepared for the unexpected to avoid for any disappointment! And if we fail redho je lar! Be grateful with what we hv n not to worry what we dont hv.
 And dont condemn either if we fail.......

Sunday, 15 April 2012



Hello there! I hope everyone had a marvellous time during the weekends......
Well as usual either Saturday or Sunday i'm always busy, busy, busy in my kitchen. Maklum lah my hubby's time off n it's the only time where he would be at home the whole day n wanting his air tangan isteri. Tapi tak jugak, this Sunday pun is not a rest day for him.....still monitoring the problem of his work.I hope it will be settle soon. Worried this might affect his health. Anyway since Faiz is back i hv every reason to cook something special n extra. Miss my anak bongsu....he's still not back....dah ke Kuantan pulak, busy with his *pancaragam* college lg.

lovely sight.....when they blooms.

It's puff pastry.....try to make it into something cuter so i bake them in the muffin cases. U can make the filling using beef/chicken with diced potatoes, carrots n bombay onions. To make it more tastier u can add in a bit of  mushroom soup, curry powder n pepper.

Something to share with everyone...

How to make puff pastry.
400 g flour
40 g butter ( i put 80g )
1/8 tsp salt
1tlb sugar ( i put 1/2 )
220 ml water
280g Pastry margarine ( i put 200g )

1.Mix A to form a smooth dough, let it rest for 15 minutes.
2.Roll out the dough into rectangular shape about 10mm thick.
3.Place the pastry margarine onto the dough ( as shown 1 ) and wrap it up ( as shown 2 ).
4.Roll out the dough into 10mm thick and make a book folding ( as shown ( as shown 3-4 ). Let it rest for 
   15 mins.
5.Repeat step ( 4 ) three more times.
6.Roll out the dough to a 3-mm thickness (as shown 5 ) and cut into the required size.

*Do not over knead the dough to elastic dough*

As for our dinner, i made very simple laksa.....

My hubby n i luv to eat laksa with spaghetti.....sedapp!

Meanwhile on Saturday, we attended a was Dato S.S. daughter. The wedding was held
outdoor at their own residential area. The Perak royalties were also as some of the politicians.

Duli Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Perak n                       Duli Yg.Amat Mulia Raja DiHilir Perak n 
Raja Puan Besar.                                                                Raja Puan Muda.

pengantin baru n pengantin lama.....hehehe

Aisyhh! mane hubby ni....ngalah YB pulak, byk benor kenalannye....cant miss the chance to take a pix with the charming newly weds.

Well,i always look at the brighter side of everything wherever i go, for weddings........
blh jumpa kawan2 lama or sekarang n blh jugak intai2 the surrounding. Mane le tau, kita pun ada anak2 yg dh cukup dewasa. It could at least give me some tips of one or two....ahaks!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


Oh! it is good to be out in the garden after spending so much time beading my baju kurungs......I just did my jogging n i manage to sweat it all out. Hah! what a great is so very true that when we exercise there is this kind of hormone that will be release out n make us feel relax n feel good inside....out goes all the toxin fr.our body n mind as well. Tu lah semenjak asyik berbeading n berblog ni i tend to put aside my so called days of exercise. Issh! that's bad, even tak berani nak weight myself on the weighing machine...definitely meningkat punya.Ni yg maknanye whatever u give is what u get. Hah! tak blh jadi ni kene reschedule everything back.... must be conscious in whatever we do in order to get good returns.....lagi pun health is wealth.

It's so nice to be out here among my plants n flowers. They sort of give me inspiration n to be more positive towards life. Just by smelling the green grass is enough to make me feel relax n thankful with what GOD has given me.It may not be beautiful to others but what matter most is what i feel, see, hear, touch n taste....everything is beautiful within my comfort zone. Syukur alhamdullilah my home is situated in a hilly area n the air that we breathe here is so fresh n clean n it's in a nice neighbourhood. Our relationship with my family n in laws r very close n some r living just somewhere around the corner. Children r somehow ok lar. My sayang pun dah successfully underwent kidney transplant n still managing well.That is why i'm so very concern of his well-being n whereabout....i was once his florence nightingale n still is... n having nice friends to be with. So what more could i ask....Syukur seribu kali bersyukur dgn nikmat yg diberikan. Harap2 tak ada lah dugaan besar yg mendatang...dugaan tetap dugaan tapi masih dpt ditempuhi dgn tenang.

           given by my mum n it's bearing flower                     mula2 mcm hidup segan mati tak mau tp dgn 
                                                                                         bermcm jenis baja, cantik pun.

                                                          forever flowering............                    

I didnt realise that photography is very interesting but eversince i started to blog it has been one of my favourite hobby. My hubby suggested that i should use his nikon camera but i would prefer to use my samsung hand phone instead....easy to carry around n the picture is excellent! kan.....(sebenarnye tak pandai nak gune)

Nah! this is what i've been doing this one month.....manage to finish beading for these three baju kurung.
Aiyyo.....tired mah! but i manage somehow sampai naik juling mata........n perut pun jadi berlapis2 asyik duduk. I guess it runs in the family....we sisters luv n good at anything concerning hand work, sewing, baking, painting, n anything! jus name it (angkat bakul sendiri) ha haha.


it goes well with a greyish blue, leafy pattern sarong.

ayyo ma ayyo apa that's my hubby's comment on my dress.....i must hv got carried away when i sew it!

I wish i'm so much more younger so i can sew n sew almost anything cos i luv doing it n i get so much satisfaction fr. it.....
So to those out there yg tengah keluh kesah or mcm awan mendung nak hujan.... why not grab a needle, paint brush or anything n try to make something creative out of it.....I assure u'll feel great n satisfied tak terhingga esp when the out come is beautifulll!

So happy trying n hv a marvellous week end!

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A good reminder to me.

Salam to every one....hope u hv a fabulous day!

Yey! yey it's a public holiday....sukanye for those yg bekerja but for me it's yey yey every day. Maklumlah being lady of leisure ni free sangat especially anak2 dh besar n tak bersekolah lagi...Kesian i...hubby pun tak de nak cuddle dipagi2 cuti ni...apalagi another breakdown to solve lah. Tu lg kesian ...lately ni byk sgt.tragedy yg my hubby hv to bear n solve. This  is where, we as the wife play very important role, at least, behind every succesful man, there's always the woman to soothe him when his down...cewah!

Just something to ponder......
Pelik eh!........dulu sebelum ada blog sendiri......i always say to myself i'll never hv one...tak de keje lain nak buat ke....waste my time je. Even my dear hubby pun suggested i should hv one like what my sisters hv done. But bila dah ada kemain lagi  siap berebut computer dgn my son. Hah ambik kau! Lucky me cos my hubby ni pun is a computer freak tapi dia tak de le bukak blog. He jus like to gather information regarding his work je..i hope!
Bila dah mula menulis seronok juga eh.....kita sendiri yg tulis whatever creativity yg ada n yg best tu kita sendiri yg gelak!! jugak, ni 'blog saya'. Whatever it is jangan menyakiti org lain udah kan kan!
And of course tulis yg positive je n yg indah2 tak kan kut nak dry out our dirty laundry....cos i believe in *positive thoughts manifest positive result*

Being human we r never free fr.making mistake or error through out our daily lives. 'To err is human n to forgive is divine'. Jadi i'll try's a big reminder to MYSELF n to those who r willing to walk in this humble blog of mine.
I never realise that the word we daily use has so much to offer;


  • Rukun Islam yg kedua(tiang agama)
  • Rukun Iman (supaya menghindari perkara2 yg.tak diingini berlaku spt.kes rogol)
  • Supaya  tak di landa berbagai penyakit kronik.
  • Supaya tak muflis....spend within your means.
  • Hindar dari penglihatan yg. tak baik.( zina mata ).
  • Ni yang paling bahaya...bak kata peribahasa 'kerana mulut badan binasa' ini blh jadi kes saman menyaman. Even two countries can be at war!
  • Hati suami, mak bapak, mak mertua, jiran, kawan2 anybody lar for that matter.Tak rugi u to be nice to anybody....your days will be fulfill if u make somebody happy today. If it's the other way round i dont think jiwa kita tenang n we will be carrying that guilt feelings thru out.

 Last but not yg susah nak cakap .....jangan jaga tepi kain org.udah!.......ada kawan jadi lawan.

 It's easy to say than done but what the heck ya!......just enjoy what is given to us n take life as it is......
 Petua awet muda......Dont worry be happy!


 Ooppss....not forgetting congratulations to our Duli Yang Maha Mulia Sultan of Kedah for being elected the second time as our Agung.... Long live our Agung!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Let's bowl....

That Sunday morning, my biro organised a bowling tournament at Ampang Bowl. The top 6 will be send to the 'mesy.agung kebangsaan puspanita'. Being the 'pengerusi sukan' i hv to play whether i like it or not n for the sake of encouraging my 'anak buah' i've to put my lazy feelings n unfit stamina aside....Yahoo! Jom kita...

many admire my sort of skirt that i wore on top of the least it helps to cover my bumps when i bend down.

my anak2 buah enjoying themselves.....

guess who's birthday is today? It's Feroza........gave her a home made 'poppy seed cake' friend mah!

my non identical twins.......well it's about time for Rahim to be out fr. the hse.or else he'll be forever with the computer.

Rasyid always want more.......

Everyone r satisfied with the end result. The champion is the predictable Zakiah n as for the VIP section, D. Wan Zabedah got first n unexpectedly i got 3rd out of the five of us....not bad eh!