Sunday, 15 April 2012



Hello there! I hope everyone had a marvellous time during the weekends......
Well as usual either Saturday or Sunday i'm always busy, busy, busy in my kitchen. Maklum lah my hubby's time off n it's the only time where he would be at home the whole day n wanting his air tangan isteri. Tapi tak jugak, this Sunday pun is not a rest day for him.....still monitoring the problem of his work.I hope it will be settle soon. Worried this might affect his health. Anyway since Faiz is back i hv every reason to cook something special n extra. Miss my anak bongsu....he's still not back....dah ke Kuantan pulak, busy with his *pancaragam* college lg.

lovely sight.....when they blooms.

It's puff pastry.....try to make it into something cuter so i bake them in the muffin cases. U can make the filling using beef/chicken with diced potatoes, carrots n bombay onions. To make it more tastier u can add in a bit of  mushroom soup, curry powder n pepper.

Something to share with everyone...

How to make puff pastry.
400 g flour
40 g butter ( i put 80g )
1/8 tsp salt
1tlb sugar ( i put 1/2 )
220 ml water
280g Pastry margarine ( i put 200g )

1.Mix A to form a smooth dough, let it rest for 15 minutes.
2.Roll out the dough into rectangular shape about 10mm thick.
3.Place the pastry margarine onto the dough ( as shown 1 ) and wrap it up ( as shown 2 ).
4.Roll out the dough into 10mm thick and make a book folding ( as shown ( as shown 3-4 ). Let it rest for 
   15 mins.
5.Repeat step ( 4 ) three more times.
6.Roll out the dough to a 3-mm thickness (as shown 5 ) and cut into the required size.

*Do not over knead the dough to elastic dough*

As for our dinner, i made very simple laksa.....

My hubby n i luv to eat laksa with spaghetti.....sedapp!

Meanwhile on Saturday, we attended a was Dato S.S. daughter. The wedding was held
outdoor at their own residential area. The Perak royalties were also as some of the politicians.

Duli Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Muda Perak n                       Duli Yg.Amat Mulia Raja DiHilir Perak n 
Raja Puan Besar.                                                                Raja Puan Muda.

pengantin baru n pengantin lama.....hehehe

Aisyhh! mane hubby ni....ngalah YB pulak, byk benor kenalannye....cant miss the chance to take a pix with the charming newly weds.

Well,i always look at the brighter side of everything wherever i go, for weddings........
blh jumpa kawan2 lama or sekarang n blh jugak intai2 the surrounding. Mane le tau, kita pun ada anak2 yg dh cukup dewasa. It could at least give me some tips of one or two....ahaks!


  1. Salam Sis...
    Sedap nampak pie.You buat sendiri Puff tu from scratch? rajinnya..I used to make, memang sedap tapi jenuh sgt. Nowadays, I beli je puff tu and make my own filling.
    Anyway, enjoy baking!

  2. M'kum slm....
    Yup i buat sendiri!...tu yg rase membara je...dah le weather panas gila n the heat kat dapur pun made me crazyyy. Actually tak susah sgt.interesting infact..yg susah sikit flaky pastry.