Friday, 6 April 2012

i luvv weekends....

As usual Dira n Faiz were back for the last week-end  but unfortunately Lukman is still away fr.home even tho the semester break has started. Nampak gayanye he's the only one following the mama's footsteps...ehh! joining the college band, playing clarinet n he's in Terengganu for some shows n doing some intensive training. Good for him for being active in co-curriculum so that it's easier for him to apply for a room in the college rather than renting outside the college.

That week-end my parents, their cucu n cicit came over for tea....hah ape lagi, bersilat lah saya ddapur preparing for kudap2 utk dimakan.....Knowing my dad's favourite, i made him mee rebus but i do serve some spaghetti with it cos the mee noodles is a bit 'gasy'. As for my children pizza would be fine....their favourite of course! And for something sweet i bake lemon n orange poppy seed muffins. My children r beginning to luv this  muffins or cake n so do i. Agaknye dah jemu dgn whatever ada chocolate.

ehh....mane kuah mee rebusnye!

My parents jarang sgt.dtg kerumah saya....jauh sgt.kata mereka.....byk sgt.cerita nak dkongsi bersama menantu kut.....ooppss!... dlm gelut2 tu terlupa nak ambik gambar si kembar n their mama n papa....sorry Yong, acu lupa!

That very Sunday Dira n Faiz went back to KL around 6 in the evening n it took almost 4 hrs for them to reach KL. Dah mcm during festival times pulak...kesian anak2 mama.

Meanwhile, yesterday baked a cake for one of my best of friend, Wahidah, lemon/orange poppy seed cake. Instead of making it plain, i cut the cake into two n i layered n topped it with cream cheese. I hope it taste nice as it look. Just visiting her to see how's the preparation of her son's wedding.....

simple but very tempting......


  1. Salam..
    Wah! bnyk nya kudap2..
    dah lama beno tak merasa yr masakan..

  2. M'kumslm...
    Suka receive guest...tu le awak dtg ke Ipoh tak nak singgah kat rmh kita!