Monday, 2 April 2012

The Invitation.

Assalammualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh......

I've been very busy lately with my beadings....cant find the time to update what's happening. Forcing myself to stop for awhile fr. holding the needle...Actually blogging is sort of one of the hobby to some but not to others. It can be interesting at times n we can get some of the advantages e.g.making new acquiantance, getting some nice recipes n getting some educational informations or interesting gossips...ahaks! And many more....Let us  try to look at the positive side of everything rather than being negative....Whatever it is, it's up to us  to evaluate it in anyway n do try to respect other people's blog. After all it's only 'about me' than be it! If u r interested to read by all means do so n if u dont jus kindly # : * ; ! " * ; Nevertheless like i mention earlier its my journal of sorts of a lovely day or a meaningful memory.....

Quote of the day ;

                              People will forget what u said
                              People will forget what u did
                              But people will always remember
                              how u made them feel

I was invited to a tea-party on the 23rd March @ Shangri La in celebrating the birthday of The Royal Highness of Raja Puan Besar Perak Tuanku Zara Salim. On the whole it was a nice evening as i get to meet some friends n to listen to the wonderful voices of the retro trio Salima, Azlina n Liza Aziz.They were awesome!! One thing for sure the food was tempting n delicious.....

queing up to wish  Tuanku Zara Salim 'Happy Birthday'.

welcome speech by Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Muda Raja Mahani Raja Shahar Shah

                                             the ceremony of cutting birthday cake.

                                 the awesome retro trio Salima, Azlina n Liza Aziz ......such dynamic voices!!

                                                                   me, n D.Asmah

the tea ends at somewhere around 5.30 n it's time to say goodbye..........


  1. Yes..very true..
    People will forget what u said
    People will forget what u did
    But people will always remember
    how u made them feel..
    we will always do our best and
    let Allah do the rest.

  2. U r right dear cous...everything is within the power of our almighty Allah.

  3. Salam dear sis...
    I agree with u sis..always look at the positive side of everything.
    However, to certain people.. more ofter than not, their heart over powers the mind esp,
    when they are in their weakest moment.
    We do what is best n let Allah do the rest..
    The question is our best good enough?
    That's the problem with us..always thought what we do is always right..
    So, don't keep in the heart..To forgive is divine..

  4. M'kumslm....
    Well...that's what life is all about....everything is in a cycle. Full of colours,surprises,expectation n....but at the end of the day it's what u give is what u get.