Friday, 14 February 2014


*Dear all mosquitoes....please stay out of our way ...&...please dont bite us*

Just days ago when i was reading the newspaper on dengue cases that had drastically increased triple this year in Perak never would i thought my son would be one of the case.

It was suppose to be an enjoyable week for my son Rasyid during the CNY holidays instead he end up in the hospital bed. all started when he was so seriously keeping himself fit by jogging pagi petang around our residential area.

He might have also experienced dehydration due to this terrible heatwave.

The first sign of dengue...sore throat & fever.

His body temperature was very high.
So when the antibiotic that the doctors prescribed didn't work we took him for a blood test.

That was when they found out that his blood platelets were low & he was confirmed for dengue fever.

From then on his blood was taken regularly...even to the extend of 4 times a day.

I was told that kali ini the virus lebih ganas dari biasa & had even cause some death!

Ya Allah!...selamatkan lah anakku....

He was hospitalised with me accompanying him for two nights until his blood platelets had increased almost to normal.

I was so scared for a while when his blood platelets keep on dropping.

I had forced him to drink plenty of water & crab soup... that i'm sure after this he will avoid even the smell of crabs!!

Syukur Alhamdulillah...Rasyid had a speedy recovery!!

So to all the friends out there... if anyone of you experience fever for more than 3 days be sure to go for a blood test.

So take care & have a nice day!



Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Though many fond memories were created
& many years may have passed
the bond between them are so precious
& will forever last....

The home coming of "taiko" or big brother unites them after so many years....

Ali & family returned home for a holiday from Worthing UK after about 10 years was such a long time.

However my hubby do keep in touch whenever he's in UK...he'll try to make his way to Worthing.

It was done at one of the friend's house in Bkt Jelutong KL.
The reunion was partly to celebrate Ali's 60th birthday.

with Lisa...Ali's wife


 Kak Jah...Ali's sister

some of Ali's children

From long & dark thick hair (during the 70s)hingga ke saat sekarang ..."hairless & greyish"...hehehe!
But their friendship remains the same.

Even though they were from different courses during their college time in the UK but they get along fine.

Ali is doing accounting... unlike some of them & my hubby are in engineering.

They respect him most maybe because he's the most senior among them.

I must say i envy my hubby....i've lost contact with most of my old mates.

Just cant find them anymore... or maybe i'm too busy being a mother & a wife....

That's not the only friends he had...not to mention there're more during his university life in Salford!

Anyway...Ali & family were in Malaysia for about a month & i think he must have lovely memories to take home where he had rekindle lovely time with his buddies!

Till we meet again......

good friends 
are like stars.
you dont always see them,
but you know they're always there!



Sunday, 2 February 2014


In this terrible heatwave.... we should be having some kind of soup.

Yet... i'm enjoying to cook hot
& spicy food....

And this weekend...let's try something different...a kelantanese delight!


PaNaS & PeDaS!!

Got the recipe from Myrecipecom.

Be sure to serve it with hot rice!

Bon appetit!!