Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Though many fond memories were created
& many years may have passed
the bond between them are so precious
& will forever last....

The home coming of "taiko" or big brother unites them after so many years....

Ali & family returned home for a holiday from Worthing UK after about 10 years was such a long time.

However my hubby do keep in touch whenever he's in UK...he'll try to make his way to Worthing.

It was done at one of the friend's house in Bkt Jelutong KL.
The reunion was partly to celebrate Ali's 60th birthday.

with Lisa...Ali's wife


 Kak Jah...Ali's sister

some of Ali's children

From long & dark thick hair (during the 70s)hingga ke saat sekarang ..."hairless & greyish"...hehehe!
But their friendship remains the same.

Even though they were from different courses during their college time in the UK but they get along fine.

Ali is doing accounting... unlike some of them & my hubby are in engineering.

They respect him most maybe because he's the most senior among them.

I must say i envy my hubby....i've lost contact with most of my old mates.

Just cant find them anymore... or maybe i'm too busy being a mother & a wife....

That's not the only friends he had...not to mention there're more during his university life in Salford!

Anyway...Ali & family were in Malaysia for about a month & i think he must have lovely memories to take home where he had rekindle lovely time with his buddies!

Till we meet again......

good friends 
are like stars.
you dont always see them,
but you know they're always there!




  1. sukanya dpt bertemu kawan2 lama...shbt sejati sentiasa diingati walau dimana mrk berada.

    1. Betoi tu Kak Faridah....walaupun jauh suami saya sanggup pergi kerana nk berjumpa dgn kawan2.

  2. bila jumpa kawan2 lama, terus diri pun jadi macam kembali pasa masa umur tu......

    Mck masih get in touch with my secondary school friends...membesar bersama di asrama...

    1. Masalah dgn saya ni....selalu berpindah randah sekolah. Bapak saya keja dgn gomen selalu berpindah & saya pun asyik bertukar sekolah. Ada lah berjumpa sorang dua kawan lama yg lain entah kemana menghilang.....

  3. Salam Haliza,
    Thank you for following my blog and I am returning the favour here :). Talking abt old friends of yesteryears I hv lost touch with many of them but then thanks to facebook dptlah be in contact with a few frm zaman sekolah dulu. Have a nice day :)

  4. Wkumslm Nani.....t.kasih kerana sudi singgah.
    Ya...I've tried browsing around the f/b tapi masih tak jumpa. current friends in Puspanita are enough to make me occupied!

  5. Nice to be in contact with makes you feel young, teringat semasa dulu2.

    1. Very true....bila bersama kawan2 kita rasa relax & kurang tense from our daily chores....
      When we feel happy will show on the outside....