Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Happy Birthday....my twins


On this very day, 22 years ago about noon i was induced for labour at Ipoh Specialist Centre...Two baby boys are born...they 're beautiful...my bundles of joy...my twins!

My gynae told me that normally there will be early delivery for twins cos of the heavy burden but in my case i was overdue for a week....tough babies! Fortunately it was the easiest among all of my children...i dont have much pain. God is fair cos the nine months carrying them was tough enough for i cant do almost anything when it reaches to seven months. Thank God the twins are having the right number of hands n legs n that they're not attach to one another like the siamese twins...hehehe! The only thing is that they are non identical.

 No doubt it's not easy to take care of a baby what more twins but i manage somehow even tho they have another two siblings ( sister n  brother ) n in addition without a full time maid. At that time i was having only a daily cleaner. Even tho i'm the youngest in the family i am rewarded with extra of everything n i succeeded my sisters n brothers for having more children, more house chores n ......but never mind....the hardship toughen me n i'm glad that these two bare hands does everything for my family. I was like a superwoman then....
It was quite a handful at the time moreover when the twins were about three i had another baby boy.
That's the last....definitely!!

Throughout their growing years i've come across some funny n anxious situation. There was this incident where rasyid got lost in the supermarket...i think it was parkson ria . At that time my hubby n i was busy searching for some sale items n we didnt realised that rasyid had wandered elsewhere...terrible kan kite org!
I was in a frantic searching for him n finally found him squatting at the toys department. Thank God !
You know i sampai berniat bernazar!
And for his other twin pulak, rahim , he broke his arm while jumping from the bed n his arm got plastered for about a month!
Kerana perasaan takut ni lah buat i jadi so over protective towards them......

rahim n rasyid.....when they'r about 1 1/2 years old.

they luv n adore each other.....when they'r about 3 yrs.old.

the darling dad with the darling twins....it was taken while we were holidaying in penang.

Being non identical twins they are totally different in looks n in character. Rasyid is the abang n he's the extrovert. He is different from the rest...he's talkative, fun n always ask for attention!
As for rahim , he's introvert, quiet, shy n serious but rather childish at times. They do argue n even fight when they were younger but they love n adore each other very much! And i love them equally!!

rahim is the great fan of k-pop!

some say rasyid macam syahrukhan

Sehari suntuk didapur memasak utk.my anak teruna....
Look what i've made for them on their birthday.......
Asked them to invite their friends for makan2 but they said that tak macho lah birthday2 ni.

devil food cake where i cut the cake into two n sandwich it with sliced bananas n coated it with chocolate n whipped cream....puff pastry meat pies.....n of course the mee curry.

So my dear sons...HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY!
Moga dipanjangkan umur, disehatkan badan, dimurahkan rezeki, dikuatkan iman n ditambahkan imu pengetahuan yg berguna n may your life is full with love!

And above all remember that abah n mama LOVE both of u EQUALLY very much!!


  1. assalam Leeza
    Happy birthday to your twins. Syok dpt twins kan? Nampaknya umur anak kita sebaya only that my doter is somewhere in Oct. Sama star dgn awak kekdahnya.

    Tolong penuhkan 1 tupperware makanan2 tu untuk your bakal doter in law, boleh? hehehe..

  2. Wkumsim...
    Tq on behalf....bukan aje syok berdebar2 sentiasa....i was like a tarzana before....maklum lah my hse is full of boys. Now that they'r older sunyi sepi! Oh so ur gal blh lah gang dgn.i...no problem lebih dr.tupperware i blh berikan janji dia org seia sekata...yg. mana satu...yg puteh ke yg.hitam manis...hehehe!

  3. Assalam sis...
    I dah wished smlm..and today my Syazwan is 28, dah tua..bila nak kawin entah.
    Hr ni tak masak busy preparing food for Mum.. I see you Thursday..