Saturday, 14 April 2012

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.


Oh! it is good to be out in the garden after spending so much time beading my baju kurungs......I just did my jogging n i manage to sweat it all out. Hah! what a great is so very true that when we exercise there is this kind of hormone that will be release out n make us feel relax n feel good inside....out goes all the toxin fr.our body n mind as well. Tu lah semenjak asyik berbeading n berblog ni i tend to put aside my so called days of exercise. Issh! that's bad, even tak berani nak weight myself on the weighing machine...definitely meningkat punya.Ni yg maknanye whatever u give is what u get. Hah! tak blh jadi ni kene reschedule everything back.... must be conscious in whatever we do in order to get good returns.....lagi pun health is wealth.

It's so nice to be out here among my plants n flowers. They sort of give me inspiration n to be more positive towards life. Just by smelling the green grass is enough to make me feel relax n thankful with what GOD has given me.It may not be beautiful to others but what matter most is what i feel, see, hear, touch n taste....everything is beautiful within my comfort zone. Syukur alhamdullilah my home is situated in a hilly area n the air that we breathe here is so fresh n clean n it's in a nice neighbourhood. Our relationship with my family n in laws r very close n some r living just somewhere around the corner. Children r somehow ok lar. My sayang pun dah successfully underwent kidney transplant n still managing well.That is why i'm so very concern of his well-being n whereabout....i was once his florence nightingale n still is... n having nice friends to be with. So what more could i ask....Syukur seribu kali bersyukur dgn nikmat yg diberikan. Harap2 tak ada lah dugaan besar yg mendatang...dugaan tetap dugaan tapi masih dpt ditempuhi dgn tenang.

           given by my mum n it's bearing flower                     mula2 mcm hidup segan mati tak mau tp dgn 
                                                                                         bermcm jenis baja, cantik pun.

                                                          forever flowering............                    

I didnt realise that photography is very interesting but eversince i started to blog it has been one of my favourite hobby. My hubby suggested that i should use his nikon camera but i would prefer to use my samsung hand phone instead....easy to carry around n the picture is excellent! kan.....(sebenarnye tak pandai nak gune)

Nah! this is what i've been doing this one month.....manage to finish beading for these three baju kurung.
Aiyyo.....tired mah! but i manage somehow sampai naik juling mata........n perut pun jadi berlapis2 asyik duduk. I guess it runs in the family....we sisters luv n good at anything concerning hand work, sewing, baking, painting, n anything! jus name it (angkat bakul sendiri) ha haha.


it goes well with a greyish blue, leafy pattern sarong.

ayyo ma ayyo apa that's my hubby's comment on my dress.....i must hv got carried away when i sew it!

I wish i'm so much more younger so i can sew n sew almost anything cos i luv doing it n i get so much satisfaction fr. it.....
So to those out there yg tengah keluh kesah or mcm awan mendung nak hujan.... why not grab a needle, paint brush or anything n try to make something creative out of it.....I assure u'll feel great n satisfied tak terhingga esp when the out come is beautifulll!

So happy trying n hv a marvellous week end!


  1. Salam..
    Cantik, i can't wait for my baju to siap..
    Will pass the painting to Dira nanti..

  2. M'kumslm....
    Tq tq tq....just pass one of ur baju to dira n i bead for u ok.