Monday, 9 April 2012

'Selamat Pengantin Baru'.

Nowadays wedding need not hv to be during school holidays.....Eversince Saturday r an off day, most wedding r in the weekends regardless if its' not in the holiday seasons.Yesterday i attended a wedding , it was Wahidah's son. I was accompanied by my son Rasyid. Married to a workaholic man, i hv to be prepared to be without him even during the weekends. Feel sorry for him...another tragedy to solve.

The host Wahidah, me n D.Saadiah. Not a good photographer(my son) for not telling me that my 'tudung' is in a huru hara state.

everything is lovely, the colours, the food, the pelamin the bride's room n of course the* love birds*.


Met Aniza n the gang....we requested to take a pix with the newly weds.

Asyik attending other people's wedding je....wonder when will it be in my house? Not very long i hope.....

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