Monday, 9 April 2012

Let's bowl....

That Sunday morning, my biro organised a bowling tournament at Ampang Bowl. The top 6 will be send to the 'mesy.agung kebangsaan puspanita'. Being the 'pengerusi sukan' i hv to play whether i like it or not n for the sake of encouraging my 'anak buah' i've to put my lazy feelings n unfit stamina aside....Yahoo! Jom kita...

many admire my sort of skirt that i wore on top of the least it helps to cover my bumps when i bend down.

my anak2 buah enjoying themselves.....

guess who's birthday is today? It's Feroza........gave her a home made 'poppy seed cake' friend mah!

my non identical twins.......well it's about time for Rahim to be out fr. the hse.or else he'll be forever with the computer.

Rasyid always want more.......

Everyone r satisfied with the end result. The champion is the predictable Zakiah n as for the VIP section, D. Wan Zabedah got first n unexpectedly i got 3rd out of the five of us....not bad eh!


  1. Salam..
    Seronok ya ada activities..siap bawak bodyguard.

  2. M'Kum slm...
    Lately ni persatuan kami agak sibuk pulak....tu lah nak ajak hubby asyik sibuk memanjang even wk ends jadi my young heroes le jadi teman setia.

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