Saturday, 21 April 2012


I was in the car the other day n the radio was on n the dj of the radio was saying about how  people take so much trouble to look beautiful n attractive. I seem to agree with her for nowadays even me, spend so much on branded cosmetic, handbags, shoes n going to the spa for facial just to look attractive....And even the guys are spending more time in front of the mirror than us ladies...all this is to look more appealing...right!

But somehow we forget that the most charming of all besides the fake cosmetic, hair style, the expensive accesories lies the plain to see the very smile of us......n no matter how much we try to look nice but without the sweetest smile on our face we are nothing. It's not only enlighten our face but whatever sadness n weakness in ourself can be lessen just by showing that sincere smile from our very heart.

Similarly we will earn appreciation n respect as well..... It wont cost much.... it's not only beautify us but instead those who is so rich with smile look so much younger in years n by giving away a lovely smile to someone could at least help him make his day after a trouble day. Smile to everyone no matter young or old, rich or poor n you'll never know someday he/she can be your best of friend....
But dont give that cheeky smile lar! UNLESS you're still single.....OR'll be in TROUBLE!
So lets do it now them our brightest smile n may the whole world smile with us!!

Something to cool me off from the heat that i've been feeling lately.......

Boiled the konyuuku jelly n put two tiny drops of red colouring. Meanwhile i put bits of lycees n mangoes in the mould.....pour the jelly onto the fruits after it has been cooked.Cool it off before u put them in the refrigerator.

it's as easy as abc.... it's very refreshing during a hot n humid day.......

Give them all ya cheek to cheek smile........
you'll make somebody happy n you'll be happy too!

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