Tuesday, 20 November 2012



Firstly wishing everyone a very happy new year tho it's already the 6th of Muharram. 
Hoping that it's the beginning of everything nice...

It was a busy n beautiful weekend with the newly weds...indeed LOVE is in the air!

Congratulations Liyana n Ihsan...many happy returns n may both of u have an everlasting love...

She's my hubby's niece n the wedding took place in KL.

the akad nikah

with my princes n princess

the newly weds with all the cousins

with all my sayang except dira....she's out for solat

A wedding is not only unite the couple but it unites the two families n others as well....


  1. Leeza..
    Memang lawa pengantin perempuan, yg lelaki nya pulak habis rupa Faiz. Kalau kata adik abang pun kena. Oh! so sweet bergambar family.

  2. Sis
    Ya she is very pretty indeed....tu lah masa nikah tu diaorg kata rupa pengantin n faiz mcm adik beradik tapi my son is more handsome hehehe...