Tuesday, 6 November 2012



Hi there! Good morning to u olls. It's such a lovely morning with the sun shining so brightly. Hopefully it will stay that way till evening.

Unlike yesterday, it had been raining the whole day n through out our journey fr.KL to Ipoh.

Taking the opportunity to do a little bit of gardening....
Sis Iha had given me plants that i request her to buy at Sg Buloh's nursery..the promeganate n sour sop plants. It has lots of beneficial requirements for our body... 

The benefits of promeganate ( delima ) plants...

1.It reduces the oxidation of bad 
2.A powerful agent against cancer,
  particularly prostate cancer.
4.Loss of appetite.
5.Morning sickness.
6.Sore throat.

As for the soursop ( durian belanda )...

1.Attack cancer safely n effectively with an 

  all natural therapy that does not cause
  extreme nausea, weight loss n hair loss.
2.Protect your immune system n avoid deadly
3.Feel stronger n healthier thru out the 
  course of treatment.
4.Boost your energy n improve your outlook
  on life.

AND.... Morinda Citrifolia ( pokok mengkudu ).
It has lots of benefits too.

Besides good for respiratory problems it also helps in digestive problems. 
It has been also used in the treatment of tumours,broken bones,jaundice n other forms of liver disease.

Traditionally we malays used the leaves for edible (ulam) n wrap around the heated stone for'tungku' during confinement after birth. And it helps to tighten the muscle of the uterus...i believe so...

this was given by one of my neighbour. i plant it outside my house compound as the roots might cause some damage to the house.

I'll not only plant trees to beautify our garden but also for the benefits of our health.

Well...besides the plants...it's so sweet of my sis iha to give me this sweet little thing...

thanks sis....

As usual when i'm there...i'll cook for my angels with LOVE...

make them a very simple nasi lemak.

AND simple dishes for them too....

Hoping they'll LOVE me even more!!



  1. Assalam Kak Leeza...
    wahhh happy gardening nampaknya! i've been told tanam pokok delima agak susah eh (?), it's good dpt menanam pokok yg sgt benefit for our health kan, cam mengkudu tu, lepas bersalin mmg daun dia le yg org carik, c-sec ke, normal ke tetap kena bertungku ye tak?
    p/s : bertuahnya ada sister yg pandai art and craft ekkk, lawa lah folk art tu!
    p/s : simple dish le yg sodap dimakan sebenonya hehe...

  2. Wkum slm Yong
    Mintak2 jgn la susah nk hidup pokok delima tu cos i want so much to see the tree growing n nk makan buahnye. Until now pun kadang2 bila rajin k.liza suka bertungku! Memang i bertuah dpt.sis mcm k.iha...ehem n *wink*

  3. assalam Leeza
    Windu kat kita tak? haha..
    I cadang nak tanam pokok durian belanda n pokok delima. Taulah I mana nak cari..kat Sg Buluh pun ada ya? Mekasih for the info.

    Agaknya berapa lama it takes for the pokok2 buah tu berbuah dgn jayanya?

  4. Wkumslm my dear CS
    Of course we miss u alot. Well it's about time u turn up...kalau tidak nk buat report missing person dah...hehehe. Elok sgt.kita tanam those kind of trees...byk faedahnye. I pun tk brape sure the growth of those trees. Tapi mintak2 cepat n subur. Tanah kt rmh i ni pun tak brpe subur...tanah bukit...keras sgt.

  5. Aslmkm leeza..
    Everything with love huh! Alhamdullillah apa di buat akan di berkati.

  6. Wkumslm sis
    Well...kalau nawaitu tu betul n followed by good deeds insyallah doa kita dimakbulkan....