Saturday, 15 December 2012



Okay...i must be nuts if i were to simply hold a gun at someone n uttering those words... hands up or i'll shoot...hahaha!

From the first place i dont even own a gun. Tapikan it was really an experience to be invited for taking part in the Pertandingan Menembak 5 Penjuru bersama DYTM Raja Puan Besar Tengku Zara Salim.

Amboii! 3 hari berturut-turut practise menembak...sampai muka dah jadi so bronze...

Maklumlah bukan senang nak memegang pistol apatah lagi to pull the trigger.

But surprisingly i never knew that i could shoot! Heeehaw... not baddd..i was told by the instructor for a beginner my points are!

On the very day of the competition.....

d.y.t.m.tuanku zara salim officiating the competition by shooting down a target...she's quite a shooter!

Five groups were taking part...Perkep (the organiser), Bakat, Baiduri, Puspanita n of course the group from Istana.

hmmm....perut mesti diisi jugak

one consolation after all the hard work....hehehe!

The group winner is from istana n the best shooter is none other than D.Y.T.M.Tuanku Zara Salim.

And as for Puspanita...we dont win any prizes but...LUCKY ME n my dear friend D.Feroza, we won prizes of lucky draw. Bravo!!...(clap 3x).

Our Puspanita team is very sporting n we're willing to take part in any competition.

We are just like jack of all trades master of *some*...hahaha!


  1. Hi sis..
    I don't mind being Jack of trades master of none pun tak least you did try and be a sport..ya dak!

  2. Hi to u... take part in anything is good even if we fail. We might learn something out of it...