Sunday, 24 November 2013


Lately i've been busy following my hubby to & fro...Ipoh to KL.

It's kinda nice though i can be with my children over there.

Recently,we've been invited to this Islamic Fashion Festival @ The Marriot Hotel KL.

The shows have been going on for few days but the first day opening was organised by the Girl Guides Association Perak.

It was a beautiful occasion where all the models wore beautiful clothes & yet they were all in hijab.

Beautiful decorations in lovely
& relaxed ambience.......

Opening speech by the
President of the girl guides assoc.Perak
Yg Amat Mulia Raja Mahani Raja Shahar Shah.

Now let the shows begin.....

Lovely models in beautiful clothes....

.....& many more stunning outfits!

The evening extend to more performance of some local artiste....

With special appearance...
the one time famous entertainer
that had caused tsunami in the 
singing industry, Mawi.

.....the duet between Mawi & Dato AC Mizal. 

Picture taken with those the presence
of the Royal Highness Raja Puan 
Besar Tengku Zara Salim.

There's been some sales at the
basement....beautiful jubahs & tudungs
from some of the designers in the fashion shows.

Before departing......




  1. salaam kak leeza,
    you look very nice & lovely. lagi cantik dari model2 :-)

  2. Wkumslm Mala...
    Oh...i'm so flattered!
    Mana lah boleh kak liza nak bersaing dgn model2 yg muda tuu...umur pun dah separuh abad!