Wednesday, 12 September 2012



The past weeks had been very busy...the celebration of merdeka,more of hari raya open house,the home coming of my sis iha,weddings n
preparation of my son for college.

at my folks home

Two weeks after Raya sis iha n her hubby came home to Ipoh to visit both parents.

The next day sis teh invited all of us for dinner at her place.

During this festive month there have been lots of departments, NGOs n individual giving jamuan hari raya. One of them is my hubby's department...what a big crowd!

my family were also present....

with datin seri diraja sarifah zulkifli 

the group scenario played their role as the mc

I was asked to cooperate with his staff for the preparation of the jamuan raya. Since some of the teachers are my friends i'm glad to promote these cute little children to perform their 'action in singing'. In fact they had won the for the inter school competition in Perak.

the children fr.sekolah sri ampang gave the audience a good show 'action in singing' .
they are so cute n talented.

with the teachers of sekolah sri ampang

Unfortunately i dont have the chance to snap the picture of the teacher, Datin Hanim while reciting 'sajak kemerdekaan'.

Other than that we were entertained with some of the department promising singers...not bad...their voices are fabulous!

It was such great honour when MB Dato seri Diraja Zambri Abd Kadir n wife manage to attend the 'jamuan raya' n singing along with the children '1 Malaysia'. He was even more happier to give away some token to the anak2 yatim n ibu tunggal.

I must say it was a lovely occasion when we were served with delicious food n wonderful performances. Sweet memories to linger on our minds....

The afternoon ends with taking some pictures
with the staff n entertainers.....

with  my son rasyid n wahid n the gang (senario)

At one of the jamuan raya.....

We're not only busy attending 'open house raya' but we're also busy attending weddings.
One of them is my neighbour n a dear friend Datin Seri Husainah. I cant get hold of her picture...she's too busy. Maklum lah ibu pengantin! I feel very bad for not helping her much for i was busy preparing my son for college n accompanying my hubby for some jamuan raya.

During the akad nikah.

with some of my neighbours....gave the newly weds a chocolate oreo cake.

The next day on saturday, the wedding reception at SUK banquet...attended by families, friends n the VVIPs... Yg Teramat Mulia Raja Puan Besar, Raja Dihilir n Raja Puan Muda.

All the guests were obliged to take pictures by the photographer given by the host....

That very same night,after taking our bags n the rest of the children we fled to KL. We have to send my son rahim or (his manja name) che ein to Melaka before noon.He's been accepted to pursue his degree in one of the local university.It had been a hectic week for us...we've to rush here n there.

Anyway i'll be missing him... but not so much i guess for his other twin will be missing him more for they havent been separated before.And as for his other twin he'll be pursuing his degree in KL....I will surely miss them very much!! sedih pulak...Oh no!..i will only have my hubby n maid now...Itu pun lagi 2 tahun her contract will end n then tinggal lah kami berdua menghadapi sisa-sisa hari tua...

It's a good thing that i have this blog...if my children misses me...they'll be following this blog...will they? I hope so...

So my love...take good care,study hard n smart n may Allah be with you...Mama will always pray for you....


  1. Aslmkm..
    Wah! slimnya adik ku..What have u done to yrself.
    Baru jumpa a week ago..Nyway, tak gemuk mana pun selama ni.
    In the first photo tu I nampak gemuk sangat. And at Teh's house my face nampak sembab..
    Must be, period kut..*conscious beno pulak ya*

  2. Wkumslm...
    Ya ke i nampak slim...thank you but i feel biase je.Must be the baju kut.Certain baju buat kita nampak berisi or slim. Anyway it doesnt matter...berisi ke or slim ke janji kite sihat n happy! Tapi kalau slim n healthy lagi bagus!!