Thursday, 27 September 2012



Finally today we have the has been gloomy n drizzling these past days. Even my clothes dont have the nice odour n the sweet smell of the clothes softener ( softlan) wont help much either! I've been playing hide n seek with the minute it rains and the next minute it stop. I have to push my hanger in and out!

When the sun shines...everything seems to shine. It really enlightens my heart.... Buat kerja rumah pun rasa happy sangat! Eversince my maid is with my children in KL...i'm in charge now n i'm promoting myself the new bibik but i dont want to stress myself doing the housework. So i do it at my own pace. After all there's only the two of there's not much work to do. Larat buat... tak larat i just leave it undone! Agaknye if i'm the real bibik...kene potong gaji lah jawabnye ha ha ha!

Even today i'm in the mood to cook a little extra for the two of us!

I was called for helping to plant some trees n flowers n to clean the compound of our new rumah puspanita.
Actually it's an old government quarters n it will be given a new facelift.

we must have this for sure....less more!

Early this morning i had a visitor, a dear friend n neighbour, datin seri husainah. She brought me a gift...two pots of orchids! She knows that i love them. She had several pots...for decoration during her son's wedding. Thank you my's lovely!

Bye bye... for now....cheerio!!


  1. Aslmkm Sis..
    It good to have our Me time once a while. Having your house to yrself. But I guess, not for long, yr maid is coming back.
    Lovely orchids and pictures with yr friends.

  2. M'kumslm...
    Memang betoi...I rajin sgt.bila Sri tak da but I don't want to over do things. They're coming back today tapi i won't ask Sri to stay on sebab i nak ikut usop to Damai Laut next week insyallah.

  3. Assalamualaikum Kak leeza,
    I'm writing this in a car, on d way to KL after blk kg kt Perak.
    Baca plak blog org Perak rasa just left behind jekkk ngehngeh..
    There, there, now it's time the kiddos flying off our nest eh? Must be lonesome ek, tu pun klu kira akak ramai lah jugak kids jika nak dibandingkan ngan saya ni... Isk esok2 saya lagikkan...bertambah2 sunyi lahhhh klu dua2 fying off expending their horizon, but atleast you've got persatuan n plants to taken care off! Time nak raya now on mesti super duper happy dpt msk best2 kt anak2' atleast baru saya faham masa dulu saya dok boarding school cuti sem baru dpt blk umah, mak mesti msk sedap2! Ceria2 selalu ok?

  4. Wkum slm Yong
    Tu lah memang sedih bila anak2 dah tak keluar dari rumah n tk tinggal dgn kita lg.
    Nak buat mcm mana terpaksalah redo...try to keep our self busy n be happy kan!
    Dont worry yours lambat lg u masih muda n furthermore u ada ur job to handle!