Thursday, 20 September 2012



Lots of things happened...lambat update...been very busy or shall i say the mood for blogging is kinda fading away...

Ok let see what i've been up to lately...

Somewhere at the end of syawal our Puspanita Perak threw a jamuan raya on the 11th Sept.
The theme of the day...warna-warni aidil fitri.
It was a simple affair...performances done by the kumpulan selendang perak,solo singer by aida n we call upon boutique zafea for a fashion show. And very predictably the food was lavishly spread out... Huh! Looks like i'll be gaining more weight with all this makan-makan!

tiga sekawan...

The very next day was my dad's 84th birthday.
Wish him... all the good things in life...

Nothing much was prepared for him at home for his staff had surprise a makan-makan at his office. That evening mom had only made fried meehoon n some sweet deserts BUT being the faithful daughter i always surprise him with a cake! Jangan jealous tau!....ha ha.Freshly home baked lagi!

It may not be much but we...among us shared to give him a brief case.

Last week-end, hubby n i spent two days in KL...making sure rasyid has everything he needs for entering the college. Looks like we'll be going often to KL since most of my children are there. 

And i'll be sending my maid to assist them...dira will like that very much for she wont be slaving herself anymore to her brothers but unfortunately i'll be without a helper!...i hope this is the only chance for me to be losing some kilos...ahaa!

As usual shopping is a must whenever we're there...AND without hesitation he got me a CAMERA! huhu! Luv uuu...(dah dapat benda baru )
Well...he said it will come handy to me since i am now a confirm BLOGGER n that i need not have to use my phone anymore whenever i want to take some pictures.

And before drawing down the curtain for this year's syawal...we've attended a night of Hari Angkatan Tentera n Hari Malaysia...It's a coctail party!

makan lagi!!

Till then....see ya!


  1. Aslmkm Dek..
    Tak jealous tapi proud that you baked Bapak a cake. What makes him happy will make us too.

    You look sweet in all the baju you wore!

  2. W'kumslm akak
    Jus joking...hehehe....anything that makes him happy will make us happy too right!
    Lagi pun org tua2 ni they are very sensitive n so touch kalau anything that their children give them even how small the gift is....
    What matters most are making them happy n wanted!

  3. assalam Leeza
    Waaah tahniah! ada orang dapat gajet baru. Sekarang bolehlah jadi blogger cum mamarazzi?

    I masih bertahan guna kamera hp cap kangkong, harharhar..

  4. WKumslm CS
    Thank you 3x...Memang dh jadi mamarazzi pun...tapi tak bergaji hehehe!

  5. Assalamualaikum Kak Leeza..
    walah...meriahnya syawal akak yek i loikeee...akak komplen makan byk pun tp body maintain slim je! jeles ai tau haha... wah dah dpt gajet baru nti gambonya haruslah awesome!
    p/s : lucky you to still have dad at his age! Selamat panjang umurnya dan sihat2 selalu saya doakan, MIL pun 81, brave at heart, kederat dah tak seberapa tp semangat kuat! i admire those people with that kind of spirit!


  6. Mualaikum salam my sweet Yong...
    Dah masuk era 50s ni kene lah berjaga-jaga makan nanti dpt pulak penyakit 3 serangkai: kencing manis,darah tinggi n cholesterol...
    nauzubillah! Thanks to u i got the new camera...sebab nak zoom gambar Tengku Zara lah....hehehe! Tq for wishing my dad....he does not look at his age...masih kuat n bersemangat n very down to earth. We luv him very much!