Tuesday, 25 September 2012



Looks like these past 3 week ends we've been going to KL. Eversince my son rashid is there and rahim in Melaka the house is very empty. What more dira n faiz are in KL, lukman in B.Mertajam n even my maid is also in KL... I've to keep my self occupied or else i'll be very lonely n depress. She's there to cook, clean n help with the house chores....kids nowadays are so lucky!

Last week-end we were in KL attending a wedding. Before we left,i've prepared some food for the children...pizza n apple walnut cinnamon muffin. Thanks to muna for the nice recipe.

Just like going for a picnic...packing the food in the basket. Whenever we're leaving to KL i feel so excited...just cant wait to be with them again.I guess it's not only me. They keep calling n asking us what time we're leaving n why are we not leaving yet.
Who knows... bila my hubby dah pencen...jadi orang KL lah pulak!

Strange though but it's a fact... nothing last. We build a nice house in Ipoh...big enough for all the children but when they've grown up, they'll leave us...sayuu n sunyi-sepi bila semua anak2 dah keluar dari rumah...hanya tinggal berdua aje...macam muda-muda dulu.
That's what my hubby said tak payahlah nak renovate or add another room or space...this is already big enough for the two of us!

Even though lately, most week ends we're with the children but still i feel it's not enough...ni belum diaorang kahwin lagi!! Gosh!i guess this is what our mothers n mothers in law feel...
I am so attach to my children n i love them very much!!
What i dont understand is how n why some mothers could simply abandon their own child n even to the extend of killing them...nauzubillah when we should be giving n showing our love n attention to them.

Coming back from KL is another thing...
INTOLERABLE to find the house empty n quiet.
Maybe we're use to having a handful around.I get so conscious not paranoid i hope to be left alone in the day when my hubby is at work. Moreover my house is situated where not many neighbours are around n the only house there is they are always outstation.

And in the night we keep on checking all the doors n windows to make sure they've all been locked n we get very sensitive when any cars drive in our lane as our house is at the dead end.

Cooking is not a priority anymore just mainly simply to eat.
I guess i have to cope with the new changes cos' life has so many surprises!

Tonight the neighbours in my area are having bacaan yasin after solat isyak to pray for the recovery of one of our neighbour n a very dear friend. It was so sudden when just after a few days of aidil fitri he's diagnose having yellow fever n his liver is not functioning well. And that he might be going for a major operation! Just days ago we were having great time together n also in several jamuan raya. Before this he's so joyful n he's such a fun person to be with...very witty n funny! And they make such loving couple. I hope his wife (one of my close friend) has the courage to be strong n patience in coping with the situation.

Ya Allah! May you grant our prayers for the recovery of our dear friend.....

I hope for you peeps out there do pray together with us! Thank you....

Those who pray for the good things n well being of others shall be look upon n rewarded
with the good things in life....insyallah.

May Allah always be with us....


  1. aslmkm Leeza..
    You 'l be okay after a while..kehidupan begitu laa.,it's for the best.
    Turut sama rasa sedih dengan berita yr friend..sama2 kita doa kan..insyllh.

  2. Wkumslm....
    Tu lah memang terasa sangat sunyi..sedih,sayu n kosong. Agaknye dgn datangnye period pulak....hormone imbalance...lagi laa!
    Yg paling sedih sekali...our friend is very critical...it maybe cancerous...can't imagine what d.hanim is going thru....

  3. Thanks so much for using my recipe. Glad to know it turns out well.
    I do hope you're feeling much better. My one and only pun tak lama saja lagi... pejam celik pejam celik, and she'll be off doing her own thing. I'm really not looking forward to that but that's just how life works :(

  4. assalam Leeza
    reading your luahan, terasa pulak I akan alaminya bila berpindah nanti. Tu juga sebabnya rumah baru dibuat tersangat praktikal, tak besar tak kecik dan tak kecik tak besar (sama gak tu, hehe). I know there will be the two of us the whole week accompanied by some kucing (and maybe sekor dua angsa dan itik) while both my children are away in KL.

    Sama2lah kita doakan kesejahteraan kawan you dgn kesihatannya kembali pulih seperti sedia kala, amiin.

  5. Muna
    Well...i'm ok...it's just that trying to get use to the new changes. I guess having a one child or more makes no different cos finally we'll end up being alone unless of course they'll be staying with us for good. But anyway we have to keep ourselves occupied n be happy!

    Wkumslm CS
    Memang sunyi bila dh berdua tapi kena lah adjust to the new situation n lagi pun rumah saya tak sebesar mane pun. I should get myself a pet but can you believe it ....I takut kat kucing...geliilah! Maybe I'll think of something else like fish instead...ahaa!
    Tq for having the good thoughts of my friend.....