Tuesday, 26 June 2012



As at the time i'm writing this...i'm kinda feeling unwell eversince i got back from KL due to the weather and...the haze and not to mention...the food that i've been eating ( it's all highly in cholesterol ). I'm going to be sick! My head is like a heavy rock and my throat is killing me....arghh!

Again.....we're there to attend a wedding reception of one of my hubby's relative. It was quite a place...perkampungan pengantin but quite far somewhere off Jln Genting Kelang. The decoration was simple n nice...everything is in white. It could have been more beautiful
if it is maintain nicely since it's in a good demand.

the food was lovely especially the bukhari rice.....

We had dinner at my sis Iha's place...

very lavishly done....home made rolls, beef stew, roasted chicken, spaghetti, salad dressing, fruits salad and fried rice AND dessert of course....marble cheese brownies and bubur kacang durian.

my children are enjoying the aunt's fabulous cooking.....poor sis iha for she had cooked bubur kacang durian knowing that it's my hubby's favourite but he cannot eat durian after the kidney transplant unless of course bubur kacang without the fruit.


the picture of US.....

Before leaving KL, we went for window shopping at one of the shopping complex.
Dira had wanted to treat us lunch at one of the thai restaurant but since my tummy has been making alot of noise so we have to make do with anything...after all the restaurant is  not in the shopping complex n it's quite a distance from there!

I managed to cook some food for my faiz n dira before leaving back to ipoh ( sape tak sayang anak ).
Left them with a heavy heart....


  1. what a feast your sis masak kan.. bertuah betul jadi adik dia ek...and you both look lovely with that pose heee...
    okaylah, you take care yah! anak kita Ammar pun demam tak kesekolah arini...

  2. Yong
    That' my sis....she's like that dari anak dara lagi suka masak2 n what she cooks semuanye memang sedapp! Tq for being concern ....I'm having very high fever right now....baru telan panadol! U pun t.care...boleh berjangkit dr.anak.

  3. Leeza
    You better take a good rest. Jgn ngadap skrin laptop lama sangat dan jgn buat beading. Kena rehatkan mata dan urat leher tu..

    I macam kenal aje kakak you tu *wink*. Dua2 look so demure. Dahlah rajin memasak, tak rugi dijadikan besan, ahaks.

  4. CS dear
    Macam tau2 aje....thanks anyway. Ni la penangan over eating n kurang minum air bila berjln keKL. Furthermore each time I spring clean my house in SJ...balik mesti kene running nose n cough. I'm allergy to dust. Bab memasak ni semua org bolih...cume nak dgn tak nak je....betoi kn besan i ni.....

  5. Aslmkm..
    Thank you for the compliment,*puji masak sedap*
    Tak sihat ya, tu la buat kerja berat2 lagi.
    Rest! biar Seri buat kerja pulak. Take care.

  6. Wkumslm
    I feel terrible right now....dah lame tak demam. Tengah menunggu mamat bawak keklinik. Malam tadi terjaga pkl 3 sampai pagi tak blh tidor. I hope I'll recover soon sebab usop tak da by friday nak ke chiengmai.