Friday, 20 July 2012

I'M BACK.......


Hi everyone! I'm back... still remember me's been almost a month since i last wrote. Ever since recovering fr. the fever + flu + cough i was feeling weary n tired n not in the mood for anything. Not only that,this computer that i'm using...i'm sharing it with my son n he had abused it till the early hours n as predictable the plug of the computer had burst. After a long searching finally... my hubby replace it with a new one.

Moreover lately i've been keeping myself busy again with none other than my passion for beading! Almaklumlah Hari Raya is coming n i decide to bead my own baju instead of my tailor n the result turns out to be so much nicer n cheaper of course and i still have 3 unfinished baju to bead....

Let see what have i've been up to a week before the sacred month of Ramadhan....

Well on Thursday 12th of July, i've attended a course of protocol n social ethic organised by biro sosial Puspanita at the MHI Tower Hotel. It was a one day affair from 8.30am-4.30pm.
Our guests of honour were the pengerusi Pusp.herself Datin Nor Hasmah n MB's wife, Datin Seri Sharifah.

the talk was given by Puan Rozita Bt. Rahim fr.(INTAN)

Besides showing us the way of respecting the standard of socialising in a function n society, we were also taught on how to attend a fine dining." A good diner can dine with the king n the pauper". Actually i've attended this kind of seminar before but it's no harm attending again for anything that gives knowledge is worth going.

At the end of the day we were given a sijil penghargaan and a door gift ( a shawl ) for attending the course.

The very next morning we ( hubby n i ) flew to Langkawi. He's suppose to officiate a seminar for his staff. This trip is sort of a week end get away and i've been wanting a holiday for quite some time.

My last trip to Langkawi was about 11 years ago i think n it has change tremendously. Thumbs up for Tun Dr.Mahathir for his effort to change Langkawi... for the better!

There are a lot of interesting places to visit but we only manage to visit the Galeri Perdana...itu pun termengah2 nak berjalan keliling the galeri...phew! it's huge n beautiful or is it the sign of i'm getting heavier...ahaa!

And yg paling interesting to visit is the none other than the shops selling pots n pans, cutlery and of course the pinggan mangkuk!
Here we go's shopping time!

Ya tuhan! murahnye...most of the harga pinggan mangkuk is half the price. Like corelle it's only RM 330 for 20 pieces n at Jaya Jusco is about RM 800- RM 900 plus.
And oohlala... i manage to persuade my darling hubby to buy a Noritake set for 8 person n the price is unbelievable cheaper than at other places. Bila dah dapat benda yg diidam tak payah dah beli benda lain...happy tak terhingga!

it's a classic's hampshire gold

We had changed our minds n stayed on for another day.The plane tickets were no longer valid and so we decided to take a ferry instead. Actually i'm a little afraid ( due to past experience ) whenever i have to travel by sea.

Thankfully the journey back home was a lovely sight. Everything was just perfect. The weather was fine and the sea was very calm and everyone on the the ferry was having such a good time while watching a comedy movie!

Just two days before the Ramadhan i was tied up with a bowling tournament organised by Baiduri. The contest was won by Bakat's team but... if it's judged individually the first and the third places were in favour of Puspanita.
Any way it was sort of a friendly game and a get together between Puspanita, Bakat and Baiduri...

it was taken outdoor of MB'S resident after the tea n prize giving affair.

So before i end up this very long rambling of my come back...i sincerely would like to wish all the muslims Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yg mulia ini n semoga kita mendapat hidayah n keberkatan...insyallah..AMIN.


  1. Aslmkm..
    Welcome back!Nice to hear from you.
    And nice crockery serve me on this Raya!

  2. Salam kak Leeza...
    yeahhh welkam back, ingat mana dah pegi dah lama tak 'nampak'.
    Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak buat kak Leeza sekeluarga.
    wahhh sempat pi jenjalan n shoppink yeah.. undeniably nice 'catch'! klu pi sana mmg menggelupur tgk cookware n pinggan mangkuk kan... tangan mula lah gatai nak capai itu ini, last time saya pi Langkawi, mmg extend a stay satu hari lagik, pegi kejap2 mana cukup! hehe..

  3. Wkm slm sis iha...'s good to be back! The tableware memang cantik n the price pun memang're welcome to try it!

    Wkmslm Yong

    Thank you...n salam Ramadhan to you n family too! Tu lah memang gila habis tengok the cookware n everything...masa tak cukup n duit pun tak cukup nak beli semua...hehehe!