Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Just like spring!

If only our part of the world offer spring wonderful! Then my garden will be beautiful with colourful plants and trees.....
That will never come's impossible for sure!

Honestly i love beautiful flowers and gardens.... and everything nice........

hooray! my lily is's very rare, the last time it blooms was two years ago

Some of my orchids collection......

one thing good about orchids.....the flowers last longer


  1. Hi Leeza..
    I am not well, since Tuesday, flu..
    Cantikk orchid2 you..
    Dah berapa hari tak bersiar di taman.

  2. Hi akak..
    Oh u pun tak sihat ya..I pun semalam...nyaris tak pitam kat kedai Jun...rasa pening n rase ada hissing kat my head. Jun kata muka i pucat sgt. Entah la tak tau kenapa. I cuba makan nasi kat kedai mamak sebelah kedai Jun tp tak blh masuk agaknye angin dh masuk. Scary la!