Monday, 18 June 2012



It's been only a week ago since i've sent my anak bongsu back to his college and now his asking us to take him back for the week end. Gosh! Though i miss him that much it's quite a journey to fetch him and he's been trying to act so macho and tough and yet deep inside him i know he's home sick!

All this while we've missed so many family reunions or get together due to other obligations but fortunately last Saturday we manage to attend the tahlil of my dad's late aunt. The house is just situated right opposite of SUK. It's the jeragan get together!
Most of them are from KL.

Being one of the younger generation ( perasan ingat muda sangat! ) i dont seem to know some of my relative from the older generation. I kept asking my mum who is she...who is he... and who are they ? And the best part was when one of this beautiful lady by the name of eh.. Sharifah.. something...was asking me were you the one that i used to carry when you were very little...
I was blushing cos i'm not that little anymore and gosh! she look so pretty and so much younger than her real age.

Actually it's good to have this get together once awhile cos we got to meet and to know some of our relative.... who knows someday we might meet and by then we would know we're related. Even then i've got to meet some of my long lost cousins as well! In fact there's this gal where i've met during the motivation given by Dr.Fadzillah Kamsah at SUK, she recognised who i am but she's too shy to introduce herself. This is just the thing.....i should have known her for she's my second cousin's daughter.

So i guess in future i'll try to persuade my children to attend any family gathering either from my side or from my hubby side....
Yang jauh didekat2kan dan yang dekat dierat2kan lagi. Rugi la kalau kita tak eratkan silaratul rahim apatah lagi memutuskannye! 

Though i feel very tired and exhausted after the khenduri
especially in this extraordinary hot weather... i still got to cook for my anakanda2 and kekanda for dinner. Furthermore anakanda faiz is also back for the weekend. Again, dira is not back...merajuk kut or she might be occupied with lots of work.....But anyway she'd promise to treat her dad and all of us next week end when we're there...yabadabadoo! 

It's pizza!.......i minced the meat with garlic, onions and with curry powder. As usual i'll top it with tomatoes, mushroom, onion rings, tasty cheese and cilantro leaves.'s delicious! Ada rasa curry lagi........

yg ni pulak i put some beef sausages and top it with tomatoes, onion rings, tasty cheese and sprinkle of mixed herbs.

I cooked something special ( nasi tomato is special to me ) on's  father's day! Thought that my kekanda cant make it for lunch cos he was tied up in Taiping for our TPM was there for a visit but he manage to come back but a bit late...nearly 2 pm. It doesnt matter...we still have to wait for him for he's the reason why we're celebrating!

nasi tomato,kari ikan tenggiri, gulai kicap daging,tumis tauge n kucai, salad dan keropok.

I didnt make any dessert cos i really feel so exhausted (lately i've been feeling weak ).....but i cooked everything extra for faiz to take back some of the food to dira.

Anyway Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there and that we luv you for being a great dad!!


  1. Aslmkm Leeza..
    That's quite a meal for Father's day.
    Eh, thank you for the Darca's recipe.. Azlan loved it.

  2. Wkumslm dear sis
    Blh lah....itu yg larat buat. Tak tau la kenapa lately ni rasa fatigue sgt.eversince nak pitam hr.tu. Tapi yesterday bila I puasa ok pulak.Infact lg bertenaga!

  3. Salam kak leeza...
    wahhh dedinya musti sgt happy tgk makanan best2 menanti on Father's Day ekk.. kita tak ingat langsung ada Father's Day, lupa, pizza ada rasa kari musti mantops, akak wat sendiri doh pizzanya tu eh? klu kita pakai doh yg frozen jek,sume nak cepat!

  4. Wkumslm Yong
    Ala...biase2 je masak...kak liza suka buat sendiri baik dough roti atau pun dough tart n pie...bukan ape suke menyekse diri...hehehe.