Friday, 8 June 2012

It's goodbye again.....

Nowadays the heatwave is terrible.....entah lah what's wrong with me. Yesterday i nearly fainted kat my tailor's shop. Could it be the weather or something else? I've been feeling kinda funny lagi when i'm in the car. I use to have this hissing sound from my ear or my head ( i'm not very sure ) whenever i dont have enough sleep, rest or enough food.

 So bila i sampai kat kedai tu, i told my tailor that i dont feel well...and she said that i look so pale. Bila dah dengar tu lagi la panic so i rushed out to the kedai makan mamak sebelah and drank a bottle of fresh milk. Lepas tu order a plate of rice which i cant hardly eat. Agaknye angin dah masuk. Nasib baik i came with my son and he's driving. That's why sometimes i'm afraid to drive alone especially now that i'm having this hot flushes syndrome! Alhamdullilah today i feel better though i do have a little bit of angin in my stomache and dek kerana anak bongsu i become the masterchef again in my kitchen.  He's leaving tomorrow......

I'm use to having a big family around me but one by one starts to go away slowly and yet so far away( tak pe masih in M'sia lagi ). Firstly it was my eldest girl, dira and next was my second son faiz. Both are off to a working life. Now it's my youngest son lukman, he's going back to college tomorrow for his third semester after a long break of almost two months.
Lastly it will be the twins i guess and insyallah if GOD willingly by august or september. Finally i'll be left alone with my only darling hubby to keep me company.*sob* .........

Oh well, never mind...... for i should be thankful to ALLAH for making it possible for my children to pursue something in life!
After all i cant keep them under my wings forever. They should be flying off from their nest to start a life of their own like what i did with mine......
Anyway i shouldnt be feeling so sad i'll be seeing them could be during the weekends or any public holidays and also the hari raya holidays are coming!

As usual before lukman is leaving, i will make his favourite cookies,
chocolate chips and orange poppy seed for him to take back to college. Since he loves chocolate so much i made him a chocolate cake as well. I even make nasi lemak for tomorrow's breakfast!

chocolate chips cookies

orange poppy seed cookies

food devil cake

Got to sleep now cos we have to go out early to send lukman as early as 6.30 am . We have to be there by 8 am to make an appeal for him to get a room in the college or else he has to stay in a rental room with his friends outside the college compound. I dont think i like that.....  
So bye for now and goodnite!


  1. Salam ziarah kak liza....
    Sebegitulahh kita ni ye kak, kids bila dah beso one by one will be leaving our roof, sunyi le blk idup, tgh kecik mcm anak saya tu always make mommy pening kepala, selalu tanya bila la nak beso ni... Dah beso when they spread their wings kita pula terkulat2 kt umah eh?
    Tp klu omaknya masak hebak2 cam kak leeza tu, agaknya they pun don't mind dok kt kolej, selalu ada bekalan makanan yg awesome!

    1. aslmkm..
      ya Allah sakit2 ni sedap tengok cake and cookies..kalau dkt boleh suruh ambik. Baik demam nak buat..

  2. Yong
    Salam to u too! Tak pe pening sikit bila anak2 masih kecik n masih dgn kita sebab masa berjln dgn cepat sgt...tut2 dah besor n masa tu kita akan lg pening menunggu bila anak2 nak balik jenguk kita. I jus came back fr.sending my son....sayu rasa bila tengok tempat dia selau lepak main computer dh kosong....terpandang2 rasa dia kat situ.

    Dear sis
    Actually memang tak berapa sedap badan tapi kerana sayangkn anak kita masak juga favourite dia.

  3. Hi Leeza
    How are you? Dah kembali sihat lum? You ada low blood count ke? <- sederet 3 soklan I terjah kat you, pardon me.

    Kerana anak2 emaknya sanggup buatkan apa aje. My doter tiap minggu will come home tapi bila nak dekat exam, dah 3 minggu dia tak balik. Kesian pulak.

  4. Hi CS
    I'm feeling much better tq. Could be la i ni ada low pressure sebab there r times when i test my pressure with my digital blood pressure memang low. Lagi pun I always avoid makan daging conscious sgt.takut cholesterol tinggi n I like to skip meals. Tapi tak jugak kurus! U r right kerana anak I sanggup berkorban. Mulanye tadi anak I tak dpt.dh bilik kat college, dia dpt bilik kat asrama luar college n it's at 4th floor, jauh pulak n kene naik bus ke college. Jadi I told my hubby let's try again buat rayuan n I personally jumpa yg in charge tu n plead mintak dok dlm, lg pun anak I involve dlm pancaragam college. Finally dpt jugak.My hubby kata I ni brutal....
    hehehe! I'll do n fight anything for the sake of my love ones...