Monday, 4 June 2012

It's cheesyyy.....


Hi hi hi!.......i hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! It's been a busy weekend full with attending weddings especially when it's in the school holidays. Gosh! and the weather....what can i say...we still have to go out in this extremely hot weather!

My son Faiz is back for the weekend without the sister and he's driving. Usually if he comes back alone he'll be taking the train. It was lucky for him when he find out that the two tyres of his car had punctured just before driving back to KL so I have to give my car instead and i'm stuck with his manual driven car which i can no longer drive.....

He's been craving to eat cheese cake since i was in KL the other day and i promise to bake him one when he comes back to Ipoh. Actually he can just buy them from the shop but knowing him.... for being anak mak he just love having me to bake one for him!

it's blueberry cheese cake

AND i have been craving to eat nasi jagung eversince i saw it in my sis Iha's blog.....

instead of just boiling the jagung with the brasmathi rice, i fried some slices of bombay onions and ginger with very little butter. And i fried some kangkong which is his favourite and i make some beef curry to go with the rice. Ooopps! i miss out the picture of the fried fish and the salads.

Nothing taste better than mom's cooking....ahaa!


  1. Hmm..sedapkan nasi jagung..

    Sekarang ni pun I have cooking rice, dah berapa hari dah since yong datang..mlm makan roti.

  2. Memang sedapp...tak pe la kita makan nasi belah siang je mlm kita makan roti or other things beside nasi.Kalau tidak perut masuk angin!

  3. Leeza
    Kangkong is my fav.. alahai besan I nih, mcm tau2 aje fevret kita, ahaks.

    I bayangkan mulut I sememeh2 bila makan cheese cake itew dgn halobanya *pardon my susila*. Kalau anak menantu nak makan cheese cake, you sure buatkan, kan???

  4. Cik Som...
    Oh ya...i macam ada psychic power pulak eh! Actually kangkong memang sedap either ditumis or direbus. Kalau dekat boleh i cut a big slice of that cheessy cake for you ...sedapp! Kalau kat my friend here pun i boleh buatkan ni pulak kat calon menantu...anytime boleh!...hehehe