Thursday, 31 May 2012

Kasih ibu membawa kesyurga


Ooppps!.....sebelum i bukak mukadimah let see what i cook for today. I've been very busy lately baru today masuk dapur. Cook something simple....masak lemak nenas dengan udang.

I guess i've just sent in a column and yet i'm sending a new one now....well, this week banyak betul pulak my so called memories. After all my blog is about journal of sorts of a lovely day or a lovely memory!

Every Wednesday, i sometimes attend classes of fardu ain and fardu kifayah at MB's residence. And once awhile ada forum agama hosted by some qualified ustaz/ustazah or even motivator.
Today's topic is a good one, kasih ibu membawa kesyurga and it's given by this guy by the nick named abah guitar. He's Mohd Radzi Omar, formerly worked in SPRM and now he's doing a free lance motivating and giving a ceramah through his music. A very unique way to preach.....communication through songs!

He claimed that music has a charmed to soothe a savage beast....i believe so when the audience including the men did shed at least one or two tears while listening to him. And as for the women sampai diunjuk kotak tissue tak renti2 air mata keinsafan dan kesedihan berlinangan. Beside through songs, he used some pictures and video clip to show some interesting, good or bad example on the topic he's preaching.
A picture speak or paint a thousand words. And by listening to his old classic songs timbul satu feeling of nostalgia and indirectly it brings back the old memories of our younger days.
Being human we are never free from making new mistakes, no doubt when we know it's wrong....that's why we should be remindered many times ( by attending ceramah agama and motivational talk will make us aware AND insaf about everything and anything, insyallah ).

the guitar man and his musician

Just to refresh my memory.......the two video clip about kasihnya ibu and bapak.

It's about this single mother with her two children....a girl and a boy. She really loved and pampered the two children. The girl wants to be a doctor when she grows up and the boy wants to be a photographer. So when they were younger they always main2 jadi doctor and pretend to tangkap2 gambar. The girl promise that when she become a doctor she'll look after her mother and try to cure her when she's sick. And the son pulak promise to take a picture of them if he had become a photographer. But later in many years when they have become what they've wanted, mereka lupa janji2 terhadap ibu tua yang selalu menunggu kepulangan anak2nya. Sehingga ibu nya sakit pun, anaknya yang menjadi doktor, tak ada masa untuk pulang menjenguk dan merawat ibunya. Same goes with the son, he is too busy taking photograph of others that he just dont have the time to take picture of them together like he had promised. This go on until the mother was very ill and finally she passed away. By then it's too late for the children to hurriedly come home to see only a dead mother! Air mata darah sekali pun tak akan megembalikan ibu yang dah meninggal.....

The next video clip is a siamese version....about a deaf and dumb single father who had raised a beautiful and only girl. The girl is always ashamed of the father's inability. Moreover when some of her inconsiderate friends in her class used to tease her about her dad. But this does not stop the father to love her and work hard to earn an honest living by selling fish and vegetables at the market. Somehow she's not satisfied and she keep on scolding the father for anything and everything until one day when the father found her unconscious after she had cut herself over a quarrel with her boyfriend. The poor dad carried and took her to the hospital where he cried and insisted the doctor to save his girl even if taking his blood could save her life for she is bleeding profusely. Finally the dad ended in bed with his arm tied up to the tube where his blood had save the life of the daughter he dearly loved and upon waking up the daughter grip the dad's hand, realising that he's the best and complete father in the world!

These are just a few of the example....actually there're many more emotional, sensitive and eerie clips that he'd shown.
Quote from the motivator, even if we have everything but if we dont have our mother and father, someone close to share something with, we are nothing. Even your spouse cant ever take their place.

These two stories are one of the saddest i've seen so far about the sacrifice of a mother and father....( sob ) i hope i wont bore my viewers cos i really would like so much to share with all of you. After all benda yang baik dan elok apa salah dikongsi bersama kan.....sharing is caring!

Lepas ceramah muzikal tu teringat dan rindu kat mama and bapak...i terus kerumah mereka jus to see their faces.......

Jadi sempena bulan hari ibu ni and regardless whatever months or days lets love and care for our mothers and fathers as much as they cared for us when we were liitle and till now that we are older before we dont have the time to even say goodbye!


  1. ASlmkm Sis..
    Since kita ni dah jadi ibu, perasaan tu memang terasa..Mintak anak2 kita pun ikhlas memberikan kasih sayang kat kita..insyallah.

  2. Wkumslm....
    Memang begitulah agaknye hidup whatever is right n sincerely without asking to be repaid n you will be rewarded without u knowing it!

  3. assalam Leeza
    I nih anak yatim *sob3* .. my Mak died when I just turned 21. Every now n then I bitau my anak2 tatkala umur I macam umur mereka, I tak berpeluang dapat doa dari my mother anymore.

    Semoga anak2 kita semua ikhlas menyayangi kita tanpa agenda tersembunyi *agenda tersembunyi? oh no serams kan?*

  4. W'kumslm...
    Oh ya...i'm so sorry...tak puas u nak bermanja with ur mother. Kalau gitu u must be close with ur children. Tu lah mintak2 anak2 kita menyayangi kita dgn ikhlas spt.mana kita menyayangi dia org dgn ikhlas!