Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Give them some credit


Phew .......what a fright! As i was driving down the road between the market ( superkinta ) and mcdonald, (cant remember the name of the road ), i was shocked of my life when this guy was running hurriedly in front of my car towards the road to mcdonald, he was chased by this very young policeman. Entah la what crime had he committed. It was just like in the movies. Kesian la tengok polis tu, jatuh tersungkur atas jalan raya yg. bertar trying to grab the villain's leg but his effort was to no avail. Mana tak that villain looks very tough n maybe in his mid forties. Wah dahsyat la i could remember all that...silap2 i jadi witness stand  pulak.

 So back to the story, nasib baik all the cars had to stop for the traffic light was red or else sapa langgar sapa....See how tough it is to be a police!...they have to do all the dirty work that no one like us dare to do kan. So let us be fortunate n thankful for having these men in uniform, our policemen for they have sacrifice their time, effort and even their lives so as to keep us safe from being harm. However they are human they do make mistake like us too...but dont condemn lol for most of them have served us through out our lives and that no words can truly express. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may god bless you!

I just dont understand why some people likes to complaint and never satisfied with anything. I sympatise them for they do not know how to enjoy life and being appreciative and never knew the word of thank you!

Anyway on the 22nd of May, we were invited to the Istana Iskandariah Kuala Kangsar for the Istiadat Menghadap Sembah Taat Setia dan Penganugerahan Darjah Kebesaran Negeri  Perak inconjunction of the 84th birthday of the Royal Highness of Sultan of Perak. Actually this function should have been done on the 19th of April but it was postponed because it was the mourning period of the royal family for the lost of the Sultan's son Raja Ashman Shah.

Happy Birthday Tuanku AND Daulat Tuanku!


  1. tabik spring!!!pakcik saya pn polis

  2. Terima kasih kerana menyokong saya!

  3. Leeza
    My BIL pun polis.. I know how hard he works especially so bila ramai nak tunjuk perasaan dan meroyan dijalan raya.

  4. Tu la...i kesian sgt. kat polis2 ni. Dia org.kerja setengah mati nak menjaga keamanan and yet there're others criticising n condemning them. I know they're not perfect tapi bila ada crimes or any misfortune...who do we call 'mat polis' !