Monday, 7 May 2012

What a wonderful world!


It has been almost everyday the news of the riots are shown in the papers....
Cant help feeling put off towards whatever is causing it....
What actually are they mad about or to whom are they actually angry at?
The young ones especially should be stop and punish for being so out of control....damaging the environment and hurting others! It must be contagious.....
They're behaving as though they're being victimised or any members of the family hv been raped or murdered!
Behaving as though their very own feelings only matters.....what about others.....those who want peace n contentment....
You 've got so much ahead of you....why waste it!

Are these people really aware of the purpose they're fighting for?
Why suddenly everybody is so terribly angry?
STOP being influenced......
What they really should do is to enrol themselves in the anger management....haha! That will do it!
There are tons of wonderful things to do besides throwing yourself into the dungeons.....
It's a wonderful world!.....why waste the effort to be so negative n so naive....STOP accusing others for your own mistakes n your short comings. And above all simply LIVE a correct n decent way!

something that i make for breakfast...pulut kuning n some other lauk like rendang daging, chicken curry n sambal tumis ikan bilis to go with it....nice n tasty!

it's puff pastry....i fold it into triangle n stuff some potatoes filling in it.

some left over puff pastry i turn it to quick n easy apple tart.

Quick n Easy Apple Tart

1 whole sheet puff pastry, cut onto half or thirds
4 whole apples, cored, halved, and sliced, but not peeled
1 cup brown sugar ( i reduce it to 1/2-3/4 )
1/4 tsp salt
a dash of cinnamon

Preheat oven to 190 c.
Place puffed pastry rectangles onto a baking pan that's been sprayed with nonstick spray. Add sugar, cinnamon and salt to apples. Stir to combine. Allow to sit for a few minutes.
Arrange apples slices on the pastry rectangles in a straight line, overlapping as you go. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, or until pastry is puffed and golden brown.
Remove from pan immediately n place on a serving platter. Serve plain, with caramel topping, whipping cream, or a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Have fun trying !


  1. Wkumslm...
    Saja teringin pulak nak makan pulut...lagi pun faiz was back...seronok sikit nak masak bila dh ramai!

  2. Sorry sis terdelete your hellos!

  3. assalam Leeza
    I pun tak faham apa diorang nak lagi. Tulah kalau betul2 nak berdemo, sewa aje 1-2 hall kat pwtc tu and berdemolah. Tapi kalau berdemo dlm tu tak boleh tunjuk kehandalan memusnahkan harta awam, tak bestlah, kan?

    In the first place jangan berdemo langsong kat tempat awam sementelah yg pergi tu punyai berbagai2 kelakuan dan agenda tersendiri. Bila sesuatu buruk berlaku, senang aje orang tu salahkan orang ini dan sebaliknya.

    Oh ya, pulut tu jgn makan sensorang .. :-)

  4. Wkumslm...
    Well...sehati sejiwa kita ya....besan katakn! Bukan apa, it hurts to see org2 muda kita diracun utk membenci sesama bangsa n seagama. Tak rela rasanye nak tengok negara kita jadi mcm.negara Arab...sudahnye tak kemana juga. Yg musnah negara n rakyat nye jugak. Jemput dtg ke IPOH i jamu u lebih dari pulut tau....