Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aqiqah for baby Armani


That Saturday, the whole family attended a khenduri aqiqah at my sister in law's house. She's my hubby's eldest sister, my favourite SIL. Kak Zainah is more like my very own sister, a friend n a medical advisor (she was a nurse). I dont have many SIL on my husband side only two but they are the best! Happy for her for having the first cucu, a baby gal, Nor Armani. It was simple yet very nice, ada murhaban n her cucu is so cute n alamak soo much food till i've to take some back home. My parents n my brother's family were also there at the khenduri.

my mama n mother in law.                                           my inlaws hubby side n mine.kak zainah...
                                                                                      the one is standing.


gave her a prune cake.

I would like to share with all my viewers the recipe of prune cake. It's lovely in taste n suitable for khenduri (blh.dpt.byk)

Prune Cake

16oz/480g butter
13oz/390g brown sugar
1 can pitted prune (best if 500g)
1/2 can evaporated milk (or 1 cup)
9 eggs
13oz all purpose flour
2 tsp.vanill essence
11/2 tsp.baking powder

Beat butter n sugar until well mixed. Put in the eggs one by one, flour,milk, n vanilla essence.Lastly put in the prunes that has been sliced thinly into the cake mixture. Bake it at 180 c for 50-60 mins.

So happy trying! 


  1. Hi Sis...
    Sweetnya kenduri Kak Zenah..pandai dia buat buaian tu, simple yet nice.

  2. Hi....
    Tu lah...sekarang ni janji ada ongkos nye semua pasti diurus.

  3. Leeza
    Bila agaknya kita nak dapat cucu ek? *sambil giggle comel*

    I takde cucu sedara let alone cucu sendiri. My sisters/brothers pun takde cucu n yet kita sepatutnya ada cucu memandangkan all of us dah ganyut, haha.. Dah takde cucu, tulah kitorang semua perasan muda sokmor.

    Tapikan.. I ada cucu angkat.. comel na dia.

  4. Tu la i ni asyik attend kenduri naik buai lah, kenduri kahwin lah...tapi kenduri sendiri bila eh? Belum ada jodoh lg kut anak dara i ni. Tak pe lah..nak cepat2 sgt
    nanti instead of dpt.menantu dpt hantu pulak...nauzubillah!