Monday, 28 May 2012

It's Mother's Day again!


During the weekend, we took the children to kl. The main intention was to attend a wedding. It's a wedding of my hubby's nephew...and as usual i will make time for shopping!....sambil menyelam minum air....ahaa!
Bukan itu je, i become a maid to my children in kl....spring clean my house in SJ....kesian kat my two
angels, pegi office dah la awal, balik pulak dengan jam lagi, mana la sempat nak clean and wash. They did but in their own ways....masih berserabut to me. ( i hope my gal is not reading this ) hehehe
As for my dear sis Iha...i'm sorry for not going to your place....time is so trip ok!

Meanwhile, last Thursday biro ahli seumur hidup (ASH ) organised a tea party. It was the celebration of Mother's Day! The idea for the particular function came from D.Feroza, we were just helping her out.The actual plan was about one hundred plus but after a good reponse we decided to invite more guest. Finally, we paid for a bigger hall at The Waterfront Hotel. It was in the afternoon around 3pm. The evening start with a health talk by Dr.Azlin from G.H.T.Rambutan regarding osteoporosis. After all it's ladies affair! The evening were full with shows done by our ahli and most of us were sporting enough to take part in sketches, bersajak, karaoke singing and dancing. We do have some interesting games where the winners will get some interesting gifts n we'd also a competition of the most well dress for the evening....but unfortunately i tak menang (kalau menang pun i'll give it to others...hahaha....bagi la chance kat ahli lain pulak,other than the ajk ).

Well u can say it's D.Hanim was the one to enlighten the atmosphere. If it wasnt for her the evening was quite dull. Everybody is expecting somebody to make the move to be noisy and to show some extra fun. She was infact everything for the evening...the m.c, one of the unpaid singer and she recite sajak very well indeed! To make the evening more interesting we'd requested everyone to bring along a simple gift of not more than 10rm to exchange with one another.....oolala! everyone had a great time.........

me and d.dolly

me,d.feroza,d.hanim n puteri salwa

my peminat2 nak bergambar dgn i....auww!

all the ajk yg bertungkus lumus menjayakan majlis!

Till the next post...bbye!


  1. Leeza
    Seronok juga bila ada event cam tu tapi kalau kerap sangat, it means jenuhlah juga nak buat baju baru, kankankan??

    Kalau you singgah rumah Iha, sure dia masak penuh meja tu.

  2. Memang betul Che Som....that's why bila i go to KL the first shopping place i go is to Jln TAR. I wanted to go to Iha's place tapi masa tak mengizinkan. Mana nak shopping, lepas tu nak visit my mother in law kat rmh law and then nak tolong cuci my house kat sana lagi...n the distance to one another pun jauh sgt bukan mcm kat Ipoh. After all i was there for two days aje.

  3. Hi Leeza..
    No problem, understood.. your programme full. There's always next time..

  4. Dear Sis...
    I know u'll understand...this trip is all about his family.
    The next time will be at ur place!