Monday, 25 March 2013


Hi!.. ya peeps...i'm sure everyone had a marvellous weekends!

So do i....having good times with my children in KL.
And...visiting my sis iha.

It has been awhile since i've visited her.

What a surprise!...cousin rozza was also there to join me.

with my second son....faiz

So happened it was my lovely niece fifa's birthday....

Knowing my sis...she always has something nice to serve...

it's spaghetti marinara (filling of mussels n prawns) ...n...creamy chocolate cake

it's devilish good!

non stop eating...chatting...laughing over some silly jokes...n...gossiping too...hehehe!

Best things in life: Friends that are like family, and family, which are like friends.



  1. Part yang paling best bila dah berkumpul begini bergossip la.... sytttt!

  2. Betoi you...kami adik beradik esp.with sis iha kalau bersembang sampai jauh malam pun kami sanggup.
    Tak apa yg menariknya....lepas tu berdekah2 ketawa teringat perkara2 yg melucukan!

  3. Hi Leeza..
    Azlan never knew that you can really laugh..He asked me what the joke was about..i kata, sisters joke...sure tak faham tu.
    Gambo2 kita not one yg menarik. lagi pun I dah gemuk, tembam muka.
    I met Rozza n bf today while lunching at Subang.

    1. Hi sis
      A lot of things about me....that Azlan doesn't know.....hehehe. Awak naik sikit je but u memang nampak overworked!

      Really...awak jumpa Rozza n......? So how is he....trying to be sibuk.
      I'll call u nanti for more info.

  4. Hi Haliza, I enjoyed looking thru the well taken pics here. And you sure got a gorgeous niece too. Many happy returns of the day to her. I suka tengok the lovely dishes, sedap best semua tu.
    I have not seen my 3 sisters more than 12 years, as dua in England, satu in NZ.
    In fact I hardly know my sisters...they studied in England when young never returned, then I left for Canada...
    I think all the years only met maybe 5 times.

    You have a nice day, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

  5. Hi there...
    Well...everyone in the family are gorgeous too!
    Lucky me...i come from a very closely knit family....very attach with one another....n so goes with my in laws.

    Have a nice day to you too....