Monday, 18 March 2013


A perfect day...for a perfect occasion.
What better way to spend my weekend.... 

Since the children were back for the weekends...
dira had joined me for the 1 Million Women Purple Walk... hoping to loose some kilos that she had created!

it starts with the aerobic exercise.....

the two happy ladies.....

even the guys were there to support the women's campaign.

the students were eager to have pictures with the makcik-makcik....for their magazine!

n....this boy ( about the age of my son ) requested to be in the picture with me n dira.....

All the participants through out all walks of life (students...ngos....even the veterans )
proceeds from the Sekolah Menengah Teknik to Polo ground where the real happening is awaiting...

Waiting eagerly for the live telecast from Putra Jaya...our beloved PM for officiating the 1 million women purple walk.

it's our from putrajaya!.....officiating the event...n...voicing his gratitude n compliments to the women that had succeed in their career n undertakings.

N our perak MB dato seri zambri abdul kadir officiate the event as well ....accompanied by his wife n some of the vips.

freeing the balloons in the air symbolise the opening ceremony of the event.....

besides the perak cultural group performing dance n singing the 1 Malaysian song...other invited artists did their part as well....N...some lucky draws to be won!

Actually the event is in conjunction with Hari Wanita.....


It sure is a healthy way of gathering...for the right purpose!

We had a BLAST time!




  1. Leez! Bila ada cabutan bertuah, tu yang membuatkan I berdebar! I pernah menang cabutan bertuah melancong ke Bali...

    1. Oh ya! nye....memang betul bertuah you ya...
      Bukan senang nk dpt hadia mcm tu.

      I pun pernah menang sekali semasa pertandingan menembak dulu....tapi idak la menang dpt melancung
      cuma...dpt a basket of food n drinks....hehehe!

    2. Eh! best juga tu... janji dapat kan.

  2. Leeza..
    kata comptr rosak, tak sedar pun ada entri baru.
    Tak tau Dira balik, kalau tak boleh ambik present u.

    1. Tak tau la computer tu....sekejap boleh sekejap tak blh. Kalau awak tgk memang sedih n geram! Bila tengah tulis...gambor turun naik...yhish! Sabor je le...Budak2 semua balik hari fact rasyid balik awal lagi on Thursday. Tak pe...bila any of this weekend insyallah I'm going there.