Sunday, 3 March 2013


Assalammualaikum n hi!...semua.

I'm sure everyone of you had a marvellous weekend...n so do i!

Spending a GREAT week end with my loved ones in KL but unfortunately when we got back to Ipoh...the feelings of emptiness starts creeping inside me.

My son Rahim had gone back to his college in Melaka this i'm waiting for the next semester break... when any of my son would be back to brighten up the scenario at home.

Anyway.....searching for anything to occupy my time....

Sewing is in my blood....i think we've got it from our mum.

In our sis iha n me love n good at sewing.
But i think she's better of than me *wink*...
cos staying in KL she got the advantages of learning more techniques in sewing.

I sew almost anything...i used to sew maternity clothes when i was pregnant for my second son.

And i did some small gowns for my girl when she was little.

But now i'm more to cushions,curtains and even bedsheets n pillows.

And not forgetting beading as well...(that will have to wait for the episode).

You'll be surprise to see the intricate beads n design...ahaa!

This pillow cross stitch was sewn when i was conceiving my first baby girl Nadira. 

Masa tu...i suker bangat color *yellow*

these pillow cases are about  29 years old n they have already change in colours.

the cross stitch was very tiny but i manage somehow.....maybe i was so much younger  then.

For each n every child i'd made different design n colours but...cant find them...must be hidden somewhere in the closet.

Even when comes to homes decoration...i did the up holstering...tak percaya...take a look at this.....!

The cushion seat...n the rest of the throw cushions except the green cushions are made by me.

this table runner  was also done by me

I thank my faithful sewing machine for bearing with me through thick n thin...

This was my first gift from my hubby after i had quit my job in the banking industry... to be the perfect housewife....

It had served me for 27 years n helped to create wonders...

I have just learnt to sew rubber strings attached to the bed sheet so that it'll be easier to put the sheet over the mattress.


sewing the frills of the pillow cases...

Ta raaa...

it's for my  2nd son's room...he's been using my old antique wedding bed aged 29 years old....still strong n fit!

What a wonderful feelings...!

Got me a set of a bed sheet n two pillow cases.
(if i may...i'll show you later how to cut the material of the bed sheet).

And as for this...... I still have to finish this....patchwork.

Banyak lagi yang tak siap...i dont know if i could finish it soon enough cos i've started it about 2 years ago... hehehe!
It's hand dear!

Oh! eyes!!

AND this will be for the next episode...

Actually i've just got back from KL...capek bangat!

Just as i'm finishing this post...heard about the 5 lives that had been killed...n that had total to 7 more death in Lahad Datu n Sempoerna.

The family concerned must be traumatised by this tragic incident....

Wondering how n why this... had to take place in this very month??

Sedih n kasihan sungguh....innalillah....

Salam Takziah kapada keluarga berkenaan....

Till the next post....bye!!


  1. wow.. speechless, you are so good with your hands! me, sewing2 thing just not in my blood, tangan tak berseni dan tak berbedung okay! but what a sentimental value that you could sewn/did the cross stitch for your babies (each of them maybe), tulah kenangan mahal sekali yg anak2 boley simpan dlm bedroom diorang for the rest of their life! I wish i could make a gown for my baby girl also, mesti dia sgt cherish bila dah besar kan? but dreaming awaylah, even butang tercabut/baju tertetas pun my hubs yg jahitkan iskkk.... Good job kak Leeza!

    1. Thank you 3x......Kak Leeza memang suka sgt menjahit....itu pun for age reason....rasa terbatas sikit...mata dh tak berapa kuat n terang. Tak pa Yong...u might hv something special that no one blh long as u r happy kan!

  2. Tahniah Leez, U memang berbakat dalam jahitan. Cantik dan kemas. Puas hatikan, sebahagian dari hiasan dalam rumah buat sendiri... I suka jahitan tampal-tampat tu (quilt)... buat selimut.

    Ya, i pun sedih dengan apa yg terjadi di Sabah... kesian tgk gambar2 isteri dan anak-anak yg ditinggalkan.. Apalah yang boleh kita lakukan ya Leez, selain dari doa agar semua yg berjuang di lindungi Allah hendaknya...

    1. Thanx again Sweety....jahit menjahit ni salah satu hobi selain gardening....memasak....menghias rmh n lain2 lagi....biasa la kita ni suri rumah...hehehe!
      Kesian ya....trajedi yg berlaku di Sabah....jumlah kematian pun mulai meningkat. Mintak2 semua ni berakhir dgn segera supaya tiada lg tumpah darah n kematian....

  3. Leeza
    Bakat menjahit I masih terpendam, hehehee... namun masa sekolah rendah dulu, bakat we all dipupuk oleh guru berkenaan tatkala exam dah habis menanti cuti panjang hujung tahun. I did sulam for saprah tapi yg paling megah when I knit dapatlah sebelah setokin :-)

    I suka jahit apa2 yang lurus eg kain batik. Untung anak2 you...

    1. CS
      Jangan biarkan bakat u terpendam....luahkan keatas kain. You'll be surprise it could turns out wonderful.....
      Apa2pun yg kita buat mesti ada interest n passion baru blh menjadi kann. Tapi u pun blh buat kan...proof pun ada...your saprah kan...ok la tu. You r also good with ur hands!

  4. Sister..
    How I wish I pun can sew, tapi with this allergy that has been bothering me lately tak tau lah. You inspired me pulak.
    Cantik kan bila dah siap..

    1. Sis
      Hai...sifu like u don't hv to be inspired....hehehe! Sorry to hear about ur allergy....makan byk2 vitamin c n drink a lot of water...maybe these could help.....look who's talking (when I myself pun sometimes having the same problems). Tapi insyallah ok pulak lately ni cuma I tak blh kurang minum air.

  5. salam kak Haliza,
    masyallah cantiknya... saya ni cita-cita besar..nak menjahit.. beli sewing machine..tapi my baju kurung dah masuk 2 thn ntah bila nak siapnya...baru jahit leher..tangan..kain semua tak siap-siap lagi..hehe..

    1. W'kum slm blu
      Thanx...ala I jahit biasa2 je. I pun mcm tu jugak....pernah jahit baju kurung pesak tapi half done. Yg peliknya bila I buat baju kurung yg berzip dibelakang for my daughter blh pun siap.

  6. very nice and cantik :D
    ...if only I can jahit, but sad to say I am hopeless in that department :(

    1. Thanx for the compliments.....
      Don't worry you are so good n great at what u'r doing!!

  7. wow liza, you sew too...sama lah kita....patchwork top buat dah bertahun sampai sekarang tak quilt lagi.

    ni nak kena selongkar balik ni....

  8. Wow to u too! I've been looking at ur previous blog n saw ur beautiful patchwork....seronok kan menjahit ni.
    Bila dh mula menjahit .....I dh tak kisah dh benda lain. Ni belum mula berbeading...kalau dh mula tu pulak .....penuh pulak beads on the table!

  9. woww..memg hebatla k.liza ni..sgt berseni orgnya..tabik spring toink2!! kalu saya mmg betui kerastangan kak..adejh!

    1. Thank you pun apa kurangnya...being a doc....n so good at whatever u do in ur kitchen!
      there mana pulak keras tangan...lembut apa!

  10. Hello Hilaza, interesting posting. Love your header pic. And glad to see you have beautiful sewing skills, patchwork, cross stitch too. Outstanding!
    Looking at your hi-tech sewing! Like a Ferrari! My wife still uses her 95 year old hand power Singer sewing machine. She loves this jurassic machine....not interested in a new one.
    Betul berat I have to carry for her put on the table.

    Nice home you have.
    Have a great weekend and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Uncle Lee....
      Thanks for dropping by n the compliments....
      Oh ur wife do luv sewing too...tho it's an old junk but my sewing machine has been a great companion to me...sewing is a great passion to me among other things....

      Hv a great weekend to u too!