Friday, 22 February 2013


We were welcomed with the National Anthem....
Negara Ku n...three other songs...lovely to the ears sung by the group choir comprised of representatives from different departments.

Our penaung Datin Seri Sharipah Zulkifli officiated the opening ceremony of the 30th annual meeting.

She was accompanied by the Pengerusi Puspanita Datin Nor Hasmah n Timbalan Pengerusi Datin Hurul Ain.

A very good n supportive speech by the Penaung.

Hmmm....some of them are still not in the uniforms... or they might have just enrol to be the new members.

A crowd puller...a number of stalls selling all sorts of ladies item.

We provided breakfast n lunch to all our ahli....


Door gifts...

The turn ups were far more than expected....
about 1000 compared to last year's attendance;
700 people.

We even have to add more seats...

We start the meeting right after the tea break....

The commitee members were in line to present the Persatuan's expenditures n activities...
And prepared to be interrogate by the audience....ha ha!

the catchy new uniforms

All's well ends well......



  1. striking uniform tu liza....mesti org muda yg pilih design :))

    1. Actuallykan....opppss!...sorry to say...the colour is arrggh not to my fancy. Tapi being the ahli yg setia pakai la juga...hehehe. And the design ditentukn oleh jawatan kuasa tertinggi kebangsaan...nun diKL.

  2. Meeting... alamak! penatnya... tapi yang paling i suka... dapat door gift. especially mug tu.. I suka kumpul dan susun atas rak-rak di dapur.

  3. Memang penat...mcm2 ragam n kerenah ahli2.... Oh u suka collect mug....i selalu dpt door gift mug bila my hubby attend perasmian sesuatu event...dh tak tau mana nk letak terlampau byk.

  4. Aslmkm Sister...
    I lama tak comment..lalu aje...bukan apa, malas. Sibuk tak jugak, biasa with daily chores. Compared to you, senantiasa ada activities.
    See you in KL.

  5. Wkumslm sis iha
    Masih in service..ada la activity. Bila dh pencen...activity dlm rmh pulak. Insyallah i'll go to ur place nanti klau sempat.