Thursday, 14 February 2013


Hi there

Salam ceria dari saya pada semua.....

I've been busy scrolling down the web-site...
searching n finding facts about fibroid. The thing that's bugging me at the moment.

Now i'm trying to be aware n beware of anything that might harm me...mentally n physically....

What i'd gathered... fibroid, cysts or tumour are caused by excessive hormones of estrogen.

And one of the food that contains this the family of *soya*.
Maybe i've been eating them too much...

Even in the MSG monosodium glutamate... do produce this estrogen.
So STOP eating maggi mee....
(cepat dimasak...bahaya dimakan ).

And WORSE...paraben...Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play the role in the developement of breast cancers...


Parabens are chemicals used as preservatives..
n can be found in shampoos,commercial moisturizers,shaving gels,cleansing gels,personal lubricants,topical pharmaceuticals n toothpaste,while they are also used as food additives.

AND most of all...parabens are widely used in our so called branded cosmetics!
It can be deceiving by changing the term of paraben to something else.

All these while i've been using clinique...n with regrets i shove it aside...n replace them with this new product from New Zealand....'s organic n paraben free n it's the world highest antioxidant levels from i was told!

at the moment i'll start with the moisturiser n the sun block ...i still have some of the clinique cleanser n toner 

this body lotion is very smooth n not sticky n it's made fr natural ingredients...sweet  mild smells of roses

I'm not trying to be i??

Masa...emak2 kita dulu...jarang sekali dengar cases of cancer, fibroid cyst...n what not kan.

It must be the food... n the luxury life that everyone is having now ... we dont sweat anymore...we are so comfortable in the air-conditioning enviroment. how to live healthy...meh??
tell me....

Anyway...look at the labels before you buy anything!

Prevention is better than cure....


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