Sunday, 10 February 2013


Dont think only the chinese could have a reunion dinner for their new year's eve....

Well...we do too!

We are malaysians...arent we!

The children are back...except lukman n they requested a steam boat ( on chinese new year night ) for dinner.

roasted chicken... with chili sauce n mustard

dira made this.... water melon juice...very refreshing after a spicy soup of tom yam

a true symbol of the new year!

 loogans n lycees to cool the throat...


ice cream for dessert to cool off  from a warm night...

Kong Hee Fatt Choy to those celebrating it 

AND may the Year of The Snake brings peace,joy
wealth n good health to everyone!


  1. Leeza..
    Fulamak! hebat adik time bila I dtg, buat macam tu, ok. Makan ramai2 memang seronok.

  2. Kak Iha...
    Kalau dah asyik satu tuu...itu je. Kami sekeluarga tengah sukakan steam boat...healthy n sedap!
    No problem...bila u all dtg to my house i will serve just that!