Wednesday, 8 August 2012



I guess i've not been a sport lately for not updating my blog. I wanted to but i just cant spare the time for i'm trying to finish the beading of my baju kurung. But i give up...i cant just visit n give some comments to others when i've got so much to share with you all...

During this year's Ramadhan,i've not been cooking much variety of food for iftar like i used to. Well maybe there's only the two of my children left n ...i'm so immerse in beading that i just cant think of much food. Only during the weekend je i'll be extra busy in the kitchen cos my house is fill with extra people to dine. Nevertheless during every iftar... there's quite a spread on the dining table!

well being typical melayu we luv eating rice during iftar...

some of the selection of food during iftar......

lovely spread of seafood......

Besides dira n faiz, we had invited my mom in law n sis in law n family for iftar the first weekend of Ramadhan.

And last week-end my whole family had break fastinq at my dad's sis teh,intan n my uncle n aunty were also there. 

lovely selection of food...everyone seem to contribute something....i brought mix vegy n mee rebus.

These are some of the things that i'm busy with for the past two work of beading....Gosh! i still have a few more unfinished baju kurung to bead n... i still have to bake those sweet cookies...n those flowers... i still havent plant them in my garden...raya katakan!

these are only half of it...i'll be showing more.

So much work but too little time...Nowadays time fly very fast n before you know it, it's already about ten more days to celebrate Hari Raya.  Even though i've a maid to help me but when it comes to cooking and making cookies...i will rather let her do the cleaning and tidying up.

Till then, you'll be hearing from me again soon...



  1. Salam Kak Leeza,

    amboii aihhh tu dia... sedapnya lauk-pauk dia tu, ada org mmg seronok nak masak, klu kita ni dua beranak je, apak dia selalu tak balik buka pose huhu so lemau le mood nak masak..
    wahhhh klu kita jiran sebelah kan senang, tempah je kat akak wat beading tu hihihi... i'm totally sucks at artwork, really admire those who have the ketabahan kneading/beading2 ni, both you and Kak Iha are so good with your hands!

  2. Hi Sis, lamaanya nak tunggu entry baru..
    Nak kumpul gambar2 or maybe you r tied up with beadings..
    Banyak nya lauk. Bila ramai, seronok kan prepare their favorites.
    Towards the end of puasa ni and without Anik ni, dah tak kuasa masak
    banyak..tak larat..Capek!

  3. Wkumslm Yong
    Tu la...I selalu kata nak masak simple je tapi...end up penuh meja. Actually kak leeza memang ada intention nak ambik upah beading...kononnye...nak jahit baju sendiri pun termegah2 sampai I got dry eyes ( I've to use eye drop)...If i'm much more younger maybe I will just do that. Dlm family kami both Kak Iha n me memang suka sewing....ikut our mother kut...

    Hi to u sis!
    Memang that day I was so tied up with the beading sampai tak da mood nak buat benda lain...
    Since ada those two boys lg kene le masak berbagai jenis lauk pauk...kesian....Tapi lately ni no more dessert..dh tak larat nak buat!

  4. Assalam Leeza
    Masuk dapur you dan masuk dapur Iha cam tak de beza.. Kemeriahan dimeja makan dengan juadah bagai amat dirasai sekali.

    Membeading non stop sebab banyak baju raya yg nak diperagakan kot? Almaklum mesti banyak functions n events to attend, tak gitu?

  5. W'kumslm CS
    Thanks for the compliment but.... the bad side is...Oh no! I still maintain my lain berpuasa cepat je turun berat badan.
    Agaknye lately ni byk sitting down beading membeading....This year punya baju raya i bead myself tak lalu dh kene charge mahal gila...Ya ...adalah a few function n weddings...lg pun kain2 tu i beli during sales in gulattis....memang berbaloi.