Tuesday, 24 December 2013


Yaa..i know it's been awhile since i last wrote.

I've been away from home for almost 2 weeks...

hopping from one country to another.
I was at Lithuania...Istanbul... & London.


It's famous for the cathedrals & forest....

And beautiful stones of amber.

Too bad...i hadn't bought them cos i was so indecisive then.

Since it's winter...the town Vilnius was covered with pure white snow.

I haven't seen so much of snow in my life!

It was magical...coming from a country with hot tropical climate... & now seeing the silky white snow falling down slowly on the ground &...FREEZING to my bones!!

A decorative christmas tree awaits us at the hotel

The view from outside our room window.

It's snowing everywhere....

Strolling down the town of Vilnius

The parlimen

With one of the crew of TV3...Saiful Nizam
They were also there for the coverage of the business trip.

While our husbands were on mission...we retreat to Tikkar...
a lakeside where an ancient castle stood there.

I had this apple pie for a few occasions &... i think it's the Lithuanians favourite desserts... & it was lovely!

With the talkative tour guide...Margarita

Before we departed from Lithuania we made our last visit to Druskininkai...2 hrs drive from Vilnius town.

I see lots of forest along the way

Finally we reached the Spa & Resort Centre.

Besides for relaxation...the retreat is meant for those with health problems like arthritis & more...
The water contents & control temperature helps to revitalize our health.

The visit will somehow help us to learn more on the use of ground water for spa resorts.

The wind chimes....remembrance of Lithuania

It was freezing cold @ Druskininkai

Next destination...Istanbul...
Totally different sight...colours...& feels...

We were told for many years Istanbul had not been snowing at this time of the year.

I guess we must have brought the snow from Lithuania!

The hotel that we're staying was just like in the arabian nights...only... it's without the aladdin lamp & flying carpets...ha ha!

Surprisingly the snow subside after three days...

The blue mosque can be seen clearly from the roof top of the hotel

It's not only snowing...it also rain!

While our husbands were researching at the local universities...we ladies were exploring some of the famous mosques & museum in Istanbul.

It was difficult to walk when it was snowing & drizzling at the same time.

 Beautiful young turkish girls

The obelisk

The front entrance of the blue mosque.
I had lost my balance & slipped at the stairs of the mosque...aduhh!

It was very slippery indeed....
Fortunately there weren't any broken bones only it got me a bluish marks on my knee...hah!

The interior of the mosque...menakjubkan!

The blue mosque

The Hagia Sophia Museum

The sweet girl (on the 2nd left)is Khadija...our tour chaperone.
She's about the same age of my daughter.
Oh! i miss my Dira....

The Topkapi Palace Museum

The palace has many courtyards

These are the only thing that pictures were allowed to be taken.

Besides sight seeing...a fashion parade was shown to us where we were seduced then for their leather products like winter jackets...
handbags etc.

Istanbul...such beauty... whether on land or at sea....

Cruising along the straits of Bosphorous

We didn't miss the chance to be in the Grand Bazaar.

This is one of the shops among thousands of shops in the grand bazaar

The food in Istanbul was lovely....
We were mainly on bread with lots of seafood especially fish... &...salads!

Surprisingly i'm still able to survive without rice for almost 10 days...

That's quite a record!

And the pomegranate juice was even more to ask...juicy...delicious & healthy.

These are among other things i have from Istanbul

A glimpse of Istanbul before we made our way to the airport.

Our final destination...LONDON

Going around London by underground tube

Can't resist to snap this cute little thing

 Piccadilly Circus

Marble arch

During his intervals...accompanied me to Bicester...a shopping heaven!

A factory outlet outskirt of London.

who can resist these....

Taking the opportunity to visit the famous stadium...

Well...here comes the great football fans from Malaysia!

It was not a problem for us
to cari halal food here in London.

Delightedly...we found a Malaysian restaurant at the heart of Edgware Road.

Lepas jugak rindu for our local food...
especially nasi lah!

There goes my diet!

Goodbye London!!

Though the past two weeks were absolutely amazing...but to be back to home sweet home & to my loved ones is heaven!!




  1. Hi Kak Leeza....bestnya pegi holiday....Istanbul is still in my wish list....cantik sangat kan....:)

    1. Hi Lynna....memang cantik Istanbul...pegi jgn tak pegi!
      Tapi yg elok nye pegi in the month of October. They say lagi cantik....
      During winter sejuk giler!

  2. Amboi Leez, patutlah lama je senyap... jelajah 3 negara rupanya.

    Bagi kita yang tinggal di negara yang tak ada 4 musim ni adalah sesuatu yang menakjubkan menyaksikan salji turun kan. Tapi baru-baru ni salji turun di Vietnam. Pssst! banyak you shopping?

    1. Hi Sweetie...I pun tak sangka blh pegi. In fact one week sebelum bertolak baru my hubby dpt
      arahan kene pegi.
      Memang menakjubkan tengok tempat org yg berlainan segalanye....
      Yg peliknye walaupun sejuk giler disana...saya sgt bertenaga & sihat. Tapi bila balik kesini mulalah rasa penat...pening & macam2 ragam!

    2. Cuaca kita... I pun sama masa di UK tahun lepas... kuat je berjalan kesana kemari... sebab cuaca sejuk buat kita tak rasa penat dan berpeluh.

  3. Leeza..
    It's the best getaway ever..tengok gambar pun puas what more being there yrself.
    �� thank you for sharing!

  4. Syukur alhamdullilah...ya i did enjoy myself.
    Tapi regardless it's abroad ke or within our country ......as long I'm out from the house i'll consider it a get away....
    And each places will have their own specialities...& bring fond memories.