Monday, 15 October 2012


Hello...Apa Khabar? I hope everyone had a fantastic weekends....

As for me,i had the worst of all...i shouldnt be complaining but it's the truth.. i did...    

Last weekend i thought i would be having a great time in KL with my children since i'm gonna spend 3 nights there but it turns out the other way around.

I had panic attack that makes me feel dizzy, difficulty in breathing n my heart pounded so fast! It happened at my cousin's house. Everything happen so fast...I had just arrived in KL n before you know it my sis iha had pick me up n off we go to the house of this cousin of ours. 

Actually i've been occupied with so much housework lately n on the day that i left to KL i was so exhausted...what more when the phone kept on ringing giving me news about our friend having liver problem is critically ill. Agaknye i ni lemah semangat. Finally i end up feeling sick n not going anywhere! Till now...i'm feeling weak n uncomfortable...

I should have known better cos i cannot over stress myself. I've been saying to myself that i'll do the housework at my own pace when my maid is not around to assist me. Instead i overdo it n i'm pretty serious about doing it!
My hubby use to say that whenever i'm without a maid...i'm like having a riffle in my hands n i will shoot at anybody that mess around with my work! That bad huh!

So due to my mistakes i end up having my gastric back n i'm trying to take it slow n i hope these uncomfortable feelings will go off in no time.

What sadden me most is i couldnt accompany my hubby to visit our friend at the hospital...i just cant...i have this kind of feeling like *dizzy* n butterflies in my stomache whenever i thought of him. I'm scared i'll faint!
I hope this feelings will go off soon so i can follow my hubby for the next visit n give some support n consolation to his wife. But i'll never forget to include them in my 'doa'.

One thing for sure i have my maid back n it's a great RELIEVE!!

And not only that... my anak bongsu... Lukman is also back. Now i can sleep soundly when there's more people in the house. Agaknye... I'm afraid n NOT happy to be alone!!

I guess i will have to promise again n again not to over stress myself n that to take everything slow n try to avoid being anxious. AND learn through my mistakes!!!


  1. Aslmkm Leeza..
    Something new in yr life is happening, yr kids leaving home.. the news of yr friend's Hb and that overwork without Seri..maybe it's too much on u.
    Nothing strange about that..u will get over it.

    Get plenty of rest.. will be okay with Seri to assist you, insyallah.

  2. Wkumslm..
    It's nothing new actually but i guess I'm overwork n i tak boleh terkejar2 buat semua benda at the same time. I've to give allowance to myself.... Rugi ya kit a tak dpt spend much time together. There's always the next time kann!

  3. Salam kak...
    Alohhhh siannya... Naper jadi lagu tu? Maybe you need some me time at spa, soh org picit2 ke badan tu heeee.... Ataupun rindu sgt kt kids tak?.. Hermmmm siap a yg homesick gamaknya ni ye! Maknya ke anak ya haha..jgn mare...have plenty of rest, you take care yah!

  4. Wkumslm Yong
    Tu lah...I naik angin teruk pulak kali ni...must take it easy or else....Agaknye kak serious sgt.buat kerja n I pun ada gastric. Thanks for the consolation...must take plenty of rest.

  5. assalam Leeza
    I've seen someone when she got panic/anxiety attack, memang kesian. I think you need plenty of rest and since you naik angin teruk, kena jugaklah jaga makan. Dont skip skip ok? Main skipping takper, hehe..

    *nasihatkan orang gamaknya I nih :-)

  6. Wkumslm CS
    Memang masa kene attack tu rase u cannot breathe, berdebar n anxious sangat...takut sgt rasenye! Mintak2 jgn lah beraku sekali lg.Maybe masa sibuk buat kerja i terlewat makan. Tapi bila angin dh masuk amatlah susah nk get rid of it! Thanks for the good words!