Wednesday, 10 October 2012



Been very busy lately...finding time to update what's happening.

On the 4th.October, our new YDP Datin 
Seri Dato Rohani Abdullah n her husband,
the new KSN made their first official
visit to Perak.

a welcoming speech for our guest of honour by our pengerusi of perak.

something for remembrance...a plaque

Next...we took our guests to the old
folks home... Rumah Sri Kenangan Ulu Kinta.

it may not be much but they were so happy with the gifts ...

We even cater lunch for the old folks...

performances done by the old folks.....

A very different kind of feelings when 
we're there....sad n.....
Wonder if we'll be taken care of when 
we're helpless n OLD!

That very evening i tagged along my hubby
to Damai Laut, Lumut. He's having a work
shop with his staff.

Having my leisure hour.....what else.... watching the tv...n i manage to snap some nice pictures. Sadly though cant manage to scroll the website...the rooms have no access to the internet!

The 2nd night we had a barbecue....

Actually it was the eve of our 28th.
aniversary....may we'll be madly in love forever n ever till death do us part....

So having said that...the very next day i'm
back to Ipoh leaving him with his precious golf game.

I had a lovely time with my friends at the fund raising high-tea n with the survivors of breast cancer.

So i hope there will be more surprises for me cos next week will be my birthday....
Gee...i love the month of October!

Till then...cheerio!!


  1. Leeza
    Happy belated wedding anniversary and happy birthday in advance :-)

    For someone who is not sociable (like me) mmg terasa out of place kalau kemajlis2 high profile cam tu. Am sure you have no problem interacting with them. Senyum manis aje you :-)

  2. Assalam kak Leeza,

    wahhh 28th already? happy anniversary, may you both live happily ever after yah! kira berbulan madu sekali le kt Damai Laut tu yek? very nice place nampaknya tu.
    setuju ngan cik Som, kira boley sama kapal le kita sbb not that sociable, anyway I know you enjoy buat kerja2 amal cenggitu, saya tengok pun tumpang seronok lebih2 lagik terubat hati old folks di sana.
    okaylah, boley dah kot nak ucapkan happy advance birthday! tak sabo nak tgk entry besday nih!

  3. CS
    Thanks for the wishes! Ala majlis apa2 pun sama je. Yg penting just be yourself...u'll be happy anywhere just being u....

    Wkumslm Yong
    Yes...we've been together as husband n wife for 28th years n tq for the wishes....dh disana berbulan madu lah sekali...huhu...
    Actually nk buat kerja amal ni not necessary u hv to go to certain places....kita bagi makan kat stray cats or sedekah kat peminta sedekah pun dah kira buat amal kebajikan. Yg penting niat kita ikhlas....
    I shouldnt be expecting too much cos my hubby ni pun kadang is full of surprises...takut dia lupa my birthday! hehehe...

  4. Aslmkm..
    Nice pictures at Damai Laut.
    Do hope you're feeling better and relax now with Seri to help with the
    Take care!

  5. Wkumslm....
    I'm recovering...tapi masih rasa lemah. Agaknye that day I'm so exhausted what more with the bad news that I received. Ruginye kali ni dh sampai dKL tak kemana pun dik kerana naik angin!